$ 540,000 for fiasco: Russell Westbrook continues to dig


Before the game against the Blazers, Russell Westbrook proclaimed on Instagram that you should « never waver ». Brodie will indeed have to stick to this mantra after his disastrous new outing against Portland, illustrated by an incendiary tweet.

Like the Lakers (5-5), Russell Westbrook cannot do it. Largely at fault for the setback against Oklahoma City, the point guard had already shown several signs of annoyance, including a crisp crop of a journalist in a post-match conference. The duel against his enemy Damian Lillard therefore sounded like the ideal opportunity to redeem himself… but the opposite happened.

While Dame Dolla has found a little going (25 points, 6 assists), Westbrook has hit rock bottom with another tasteless performance. Lebron james injured and Anthony Davis very quickly out, the Angelinos however relied on the ex-MVP to carry them – a few days ago, Vogel also claimed that the presence of Westbrook made it possible to better manage the passages without the King and Unibrow …

Russell Westbrook’s disastrous game in numbers

Far from being the only culprit of a match totally missed by the Lakers (defeat 105-90), Brodie did not know how to play the role that should have been his: that of leader, in all senses of the term. His statistics sheet speaks for itself:

Russell Westbrook:

8 points
1-13 shooting
6 assists
6 turnovers
29 minutes

Salary for this match: $ 539,000

In a game without LeBron and where AD quickly came out, Westbrook gave the Lakers NOTHING.

It is true that between the persistent problem of turnovers and a marksmanship which tops out at 8% (!), It is difficult to find any positive in what Westbrook has done. It is obviously still early in the season, but the hoped-for « click » between the former OKC and the Lakers is not yet present. Worse, some fans are starting to regret the deal …

It’s a matter of keeping and waiting for LeBron James to return to the line-up to see things more clearly, but RussWest’s first weeks in California, where he’s so keen to shine, are clearly mediocre. The good news is that there are 70 games left to fix it before the playoffs.

Still head in the bucket, Russell Westbrook released an abysmal match in the absence of the other two stars, making Frank Vogel lie. Obviously, this scenario should not be repeated too often, at the risk of having to put unfortunate subjects on the table …


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