52 players selected from an expanded list for the World Cup, with Bellemare, Roussel and Texier

Mathieu WARNIER, Media365, published on Friday March 25, 2022 at 2:25 p.m.

After seeing the Blues being drafted to participate in the 2022 World Cup in Finland, Philippe Bozon lifted the veil on a list of 52 players for preparation, in which we find the three Habs playing in the NHL.

Philippe Bozon preferred to see wide. Initially due to participate in the Division 1 world championship, the Blues and Austria were drafted by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) to replace Russia and Belarus, who were excluded from the competition due to of the international context linked to the Russian attack on Ukraine. While the Tricolores will find Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Denmark, Kazakhstan and Italy in Group A with matches played on the ice of the Helsinki Ice Hall from May 13 to 24, the staff of the Blues must face uncertainties as to the availability of certain elements, in particular players playing in the NHL, whose regular season must end on April 29 to give way to the play-offs. It is to this end that Philippe Bozon has unveiled a list of 52 players who will be able to take part in the preparation of the France team, which will start on April 11 with an internship in Megève.

The Blues will have eight friendlies to roam

An expanded list in which we find the executives of the France team such as Yohann Auvitu, Florian Chakiachvili, Teddy da Costa, Cédric di Dio Balsamo, Damien Fleury, Nicolas Ritz or even Sacha Treille. Pierre-Edouard Bellemare, Antoine Roussel and Alexandre Texier, who all play in the NHL, are also concerned but their presence will depend on the course of their respective franchises, in particular a qualification for the play-offs. At the end of the semi-finals of the Magnus League, Philippe Bozon will reduce his group for the training camp in Megève, which will conclude with two friendly matches against Switzerland, the second being organized on the ice of Basel. The Blues will also face Latvia twice then go to Italy then Slovenia before challenging Norway and Slovakia to conclude their preparation. The group selected for the World Cup will then join Helsinki with a first match on May 13 against the same Slovakia.

The 52 players shortlisted for the preparation of the 2022 World Cup
Guardians: Henri-Corentin Buysse (Amiens), Clément Fouquerel (Bordeaux), Julian Junca (Gap), Quentin Papillon (Grüner / NOR), Sébastian Ylönen (Cergy-Pontoise)

Rears: Yohann Auvitu (Helsinki/FIN), Aziz Baazzi (Amiens), Romain Bault (Amiens), Jules Boscq (Bordeaux), Fabien Bourgeois (Gap), Enzo Cantagallo (Rouen), Florian Chakiachvili (Rouen), Pierre Crinon (Grenoble), Kevin Dusseau (Angers), Hugo Gallet (Kalpa/FIN), Enzo Guebey (Zurich/SUI), Vincent Llorca (Angers), Lucien Onno (Grenoble), Axel Prissaint (Gap), Thomas Thiry (Bern/SUI)

Fronts: Pierre-Edouard Bellemare (Tampa Bay/USA), Charles Bertrand (Tappara/FIN), Lou Bogdanoff (Ajoie/SUI), Louis Boudon (Lake Superior State/USA), Jordann Bougro (Fribourg/SUI), Maurin Bouvet (Angers) , Kévin Bozon (Winterthur/SUI), Tim Bozon (Lausanne/SUI), Baptiste Bruche (Amiens), Valentin Claireaux (Kloten/SUI), Fabien Colotti (Gap), Teddy da Costa (Oswiecim/POL), Aurélien Dair (Grenoble ), Cédric di Dio Balsamo (Angers), Dylan Fabre (Grenoble), Loïc Farnier (Angers), Damien Fleury (Grenoble), Romain Gutierrez (Gap), Pierre-Charles Hordelalay (Cergy-Pontoise), Adel Koudri (Grenoble), Guillaume Leclerc (Ljubljana/SLO), Bastien Maia (Ljubljana/SLO), Rudy Matima (Amiens), Jordann Perret (Mountfield/RTC), Antonin Plagnat (Amiens), Anthony Rech (Wolfsburg/GER), Nicolas Ritz (Angers), Antoine Roussel (Arizona/USA), Alexandre Texier (Columbus/USA), Sacha Treille (Grenoble), Peter Valier (Grenoble), Gabin Ville (Roki/FIN)

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