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The volunteer instructors of the Quebec region of the CPS-ECP Pleasure Squadrons celebrate this year the 50e anniversary of their commitment to boaters. This unit was created in 1972, in the capital, at the request of the leaders of the Yacht-Club de Québec, following the transfer to Rimouski of most of the trainers from the Institut maritime du Québec. The practice of yachting was then experiencing a growing popularity which has never been denied and the officers of the Yacht-Club wanted those who practiced to continue to have access to competent instructors before facing the St. Lawrence River, its currents, tides and many rules arising from the constant presence of commercial vessels. On the pictureJean-Guy Giguerethe commander of the Quebec squadron, receives from the hands of Lise Blais-Huotthe organization’s national executive officer, a letter of recognition highlighting 50 years of volunteerism.

Happy initiative


Jean-François Leclerc recently set up, on a personal basis, an initiative for the benefit of the Lauberivière Foundation. He had offered a group of friends the opportunity to take a guided tour of the new Maison de Lauberivière in exchange for a donation that he agreed to match, up to $5,000. The Initiative was happy since a sum of $14,150 was donated to the Foundation. By this gesture, Mr. Leclerc hopes above all to encourage other people to do the same in support of the users of Lauberivière. On the picture, Manon BeaudoinExecutive Director of the Lauberivière Foundation, is flanked from left to right by Francois Denault, Marc Robitaille, Bruno Vien, Jean-Francois Leclercthe initiator of the event, Martin Jacques, Philippe Cusson, Louis Latulippe and Emmanuel Moisan.

ray of hope


Heavy rain prevented the organizers of the Rayon d’Espoir Foundation from holding their fundraising activity (walk in the streets of Saint-Raphaël de Bellechasse) on June 18th. It therefore took place indoors and took the form of a dance led by the duo Pierre and Simone. An amount of $17,750 was raised, which will be used to provide stimulating activities for residents of the CHSLDs de Bellechasse located in Saint-Gervais, Saint-Raphaël, Sainte-Claire and Saint-Anselme.

In memory


June 29, 2007. Five years after launching the iPod, Apple is entering the mobile market and hopes to achieve the same success. The company thus launches the iPhone in the United States, with a lot of marketing. The iPhone combines mobile phone functions, of course, but also internet, music and video. Pictured is the late CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, holds the new iPhone.



Nicole Scherzinger (Photo), American singer, dancer, lyricist and actress, 44 years old… Theoren FleuryCanadian hockey player (1988-2003: Flames, Avalanche, Rangers, Blackhawks), 54 years old… Jean-Louis Asselingreat lover of salmon fishing, 66 years old… Pedro Guerrerobaseball player from the Dominican Republic (1978-92: Dodgers, Cards), 66… John Boccabellabaseball player, with the Expos from 1969 to 1973, 81 years old… Viola Lightex-teacher and actress (La Sagouine), 92 years old.



June 29, 2021: Stuart Damon (Photo), 84, American actor for his role as Craig Stirling in the series The Champions… 2021: Donald Rumsfield, 88 years old, former hawk and head of the Pentagon… 2020: johnny mandel94, American composer and musical arranger… 2019: Claude Lemieux, 67 years old, actor and Quebec stage director… 2018: Steve Ditko90 years old, American cartoonist and screenwriter of comics (co-creator of Spiderman)… 2017: Dave Semenko59, Wayne Gretzky’s protector with the Edmonton Oilers (NHL)… 2016: Carl Haas, 86 years old, big name in American motorsport (Newman-Haas Racing)… 2013: Sarah Guyard-Guillot30 years old, Cirque du Soleil acrobat… 2013: Jim Kelly, 67 years old, American actor… 2012: Henry Schimberg, 79 years old, American industrialist, former president of Coca-Cola Entreprises… 2011: Billy Costello, 55 years old, American boxer, super-lightweight world champion (1984)… 2008: Diane Hebert, 51 years old, the 1st Quebecer to receive a heart-lung transplant… 2006: Paul Lorrain89 years old, Quebec physicist of international reputation… 1995: Lana Turner, 75 years old, famous pin-up of the 1940s.

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