50 years of M, a new logo for performance BMWs

The M division has greatly contributed to establishing the reputation of sports cars at BMW. To ensure that the 50-year history of M does not go unnoticed, the manufacturer unveils a new logo specifically for the M.

Bmw will begin a year of celebrations to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of its M high performance racing car division in 2022. Beyond the many festivities, there is one element that will be very noticeable and recognizable among all, the new M, starting with the M3 and M4, will be entitled to a new logo dedicated to M products and the M Sport package.

BMW M Anniversary 2022

Three colours

No one will ask the question: « But what is this logo? » He remains recognizable among all. In fact, the BMW logo itself is smaller, but surrounded by three semi-circles in the traditional M colors, those same three colors that were originally introduced in 1978 with the M1. We are talking about blue which represents BMW, red for the association with motor racing and purple for the marriage of the two. On the new logo, the background is white, and purple gives way to a darker blue. It will be possible to affix the logo in the usual places such as the hood, the trunk and the hubs of the rims. For the moment, we do not yet know if the center of the steering wheel will also be entitled to it.

BMW M Anniversary 2022

Striking colors

In addition to the crest, BMW takes a look back in time with the return of no less than 50 colors that have marked history at one time or another. BMW considers them to be “iconic and historically significant. In the lot, we count on Dakar yellow, Daytona purple, Imola red, Macao blue, fiery orange and so on.

BMW M Anniversary 2022

Wave of news

The year 2022 will be a milestone for M. A host of new models will be introduced. It will start in Europe with the very first M3 in Touring version (wagon), a special edition for the M4 coupe. And, of course, after its renewal, the 2 Series will see the M2 join the lineup. To mark the acceleration of the transition to SUVs and electrification, the XM concept will be presented in the near future.

BMW M Anniversary 2022

Party all over the world

Unsurprisingly, BMW will also be at the major global automotive events with special celebrations. In the list, the prestigious Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa d’Este, Italy, and again the Festival of Speed ​​at Goodwood, England, where M is expected to be entitled to the privilege of providing the theme sculpture for the 2022 edition. Pebble Beach, California, as well as the 24 Hours of the Nürburgring in Germany will be other places of celebration for Mr.


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