-50% on the NBA League Pass, for those who want to get well all season long

Day of madness on the planet of consumption, and therefore a day of good plans for those who would like to have fun with a reduction. As for NBA fans, there is plenty to binge on with a Black Friday promo dedicated to the NBA League Pass: -50% until Monday evening, take advantage of it below if you feel like it.

You know the NBA League Pass.

Or, you don’t know, and we have presented it to you in detail in this article.

Official NBA game broadcasting platform, you can find all the live games every night, as well as replays, archive games, and a whole bunch of options that make this tool a base for anyone. what a thirsty NBA geek like us. A few days ago, we presented you with a 20% promo exclusive to TrashTalk, by regaling the commu. Well, Black Friday has decided to do even better by slamming a -50% on NBA League Pass packages…!

Thus, until early Tuesday, November 30, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of this promo if you like.

The details to keep in mind to take full advantage of the -50% Black Friday promo on the NBA League Pass:

  • Valid only for League Pass annual packages.
  • The promotional code BASKET50 must be entered during payment.
  • Offer expires November 30, 2021 at 5:59 am.


What else can we tell you, if not that we should enjoy ourselves in the coming weeks with more and more matches, highlights, meetings at 1am with coffee? to take advantage of the 30 teams and 450 players?

You have the promo, we are going back to coal and we wish a good Black Friday to all members of the community!

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