5 scorers and 5 odds with additional buckets

Gambling friends, betting friends, the time has come to get wet. On this Monday, November 22, it’s a nice little program that the NBA offers us with ten games on the menu. This offers many opportunities to have fun with a small bet, and today we decided to offer you five boosted odds to vary the pleasures while increasing your winnings even more in the event of a winning bet.

Like every year, we will offer you – throughout the season – some advice to guide the most players among you, hoping that it will be useful to you. The objective is clear: blow up our partner’s bank BetSport ! But never forget to gamble responsibly – that is, only wagering money that you can afford to lose. Hashtag don’t do the boloss, you know.

Here is the 5 major boosted odds for this Monday:

Trae Young scores at least 30 points against the Thunder (3.30 instead of 2.75): the good news if you want to take this bet is that Trae Young can plant 30 pawns against the Thunder with his eyes closed if he really wants to. However, Ice Trae has been rather cold for two games (averaging 18.5 points at 9/27 on shooting) and he may not have to strain his talent against Oklahoma City, especially if Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (uncertain) do not play. Suddenly, the bar of 30, it may be a bit tense.

Donovan Mitchell scores at least 30 points against the Grizzlies (3.45 instead of 2.85): on the other hand, Donovan Mitchell who scores 30 pawns on the Grizzlies, we want to believe it. Why ? Because Spida will simply face the worst NBA defense at the start of the season, a defense that has given… 138 pawns to Wolves recently. And in addition, Memphis pitbull Dillon Brooks should once again be absent. In short, the good plan of the evening, it may be there.

Miles Bridges scores at least 25 points against the Wizards (4.10 instead of 3.40): Author of an XXL start to the season, Miles Bridges has come down a bit recently, but his latest performance has caused quite a stir: 35 points against the Hawks, a career record please. Can he release a new big performance in attack against Washington? Why not. But do not forget, the Wizards in defense this year, it is serious (fourth defensive efficiency).

John Collins scores at least 20 points against the Thunder (3.15 instead of 2.60): John Collins has hit the 20-point mark in two of Atlanta’s last three games, and three times in the last five. Translation, he’s in pretty good shape. Maybe a good opportunity to bet on the guy, especially if Trae Young is targeted by the Thunder defense as it may have been in the last games of the Hawks.

Jonas Valanciunas scores at least 20 points against Wolves (2.45 instead of 2.05): the Pelicans lose a lot, a lot, a lot of games this season, but the pivot Jonas Valanciunas produces well in attack: 19.4 points on average with 51.4% of success in shooting including an incredible 55.6% of the parking lot, in short he is rather hot. Especially now: 26 and 19 points in his last two outings. Without Zion Williamson but with a Brandon Ingram back, he will try to follow up by reaching the 20 mark against Minnesota. FYI, In the two games played against Wolves this season, JV finished with 20 and 22 points. Never two without three ?

The maximum bet on boosted odds is € 50.

For your first bet, up to € 150 in free bets to receive!

If you open an account at ParionsSport Online, that you deposit 150 € there (maximum bonus) and that, for example, you play these 150 € on an odds of 2.00, you will be able to have 300 € in your account, if it passes of course. And if it doesn’t pass, your deposit will be refunded to you in the form of free bets which will be credited to your account. Then ? What does one say ?

The odds of the day

  • 01h00: Wizards (1.62) – Hornets (2.55)
  • 01h00: Cavaliers (3.30) – Nets (1.39)
  • 1:30 am: Celtics (1.15) – Rockets (6.30)
  • 1:30 am: Hawks (1.13) – Thunder (6.90)
  • 2:00 a.m .: Bucks (1.12) – Magic (7.30)
  • 2:00 am: Bulls (1.69) – Pacers (2.40)
  • 02h00: Pelicans (2.40) – Wolves (1.68)
  • 2:30 am: Spurs (2.90) – Suns (1.49)
  • 03h00: Jazz (1.18) – Grizzlies (5.60)
  • 04h00: Kings (1.80) – Sixers (2.20)

That’s all for today. Hoping that these tips will bear fruit. Appointment tomorrow with the banker for the opening of the ELP.

The odds offered in this article are likely to go up or down between the time these lines are written and the time they are read. We therefore give these tips as an indication and on condition that the odds are always available, without ever guaranteeing the result (no, we are not yet diviners).

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