5 preparations that we would have preferred never to see

Design has always been a crucial point in the development of every Ferrari. The exercise is difficult, since the design teams must constantly reinvent, while preserving the philosophy of the brand and agreeing with modern aesthetic codes.

Ferraris, like many other cars from other brands, do not escape the interest of certain preparers. While some manage to retain the overall spirit of the manufacturer by simply playing on performance, others prefer to review the car from top to bottom. This sometimes gives rise to preparations with questionable tastes.

Sbarro GT8

Sbarro GT8

It is unrecognizable, but under this very strange body hides a Ferrari 360 Modena. This very special supercar was made to order for a few wealthy clients by designer Franco Sbarro in the early 2000s.

Only a few copies were made, including this black version in the photo and a pink model, much less sober. All that remains of the original 360 Modena are the wheels, engine and interior. Everything else has been completely overhauled.

Ferrari 458 Italia Katyusha by Nimrod Performance

Nimrod Performance Ferrari 458 Italia

In order to make itself known to the general public, the Slovak tuner Nimrod Performance decided, in 2014, to present itself at the Geneva Motor Show with a completely transformed Ferrari 458 Italia and renamed « Katyusha ».

The preparation concerned only the outer part and was distinguished by a body kit with exaggerated proportions and marked aerodynamic appendages. This kit incorporated very wide wheel arches similar to those of the Ferrari Enzo, a « truncated » rear end and a spoiler derived from Formula 1 cars of the time.

Ferrari 348 Lowrider

Ferrari 358 Lowrider

In Japan, the lowrider culture is widespread. There are plenty of specialist tuners who can lower the ride height to an impressive level, sometimes even making the structure look like it’s just sitting on asphalt.

Of all the Japanese specialists, tuner FERS.Cru may have gone a bit too far with this Ferrari 348. The Hokkaido-based company widened the body of a 348 and lowered it to the point that some components of the engine are only a few millimeters from the asphalt. In addition to not being very aesthetic, this Ferrari must undoubtedly also be one of the least practical.

Ferrari 458 Italia by Liberty Walk

Ferrari 458 Italia Liberty Walk

Let’s stay in the field of lowriders, where the Japanese tuner Liberty Walk is also a great specialist. Lamborghini, McLaren, Porsche, they have all been there, just like this poor 458 Italia.

The result is original, with a very wide body kit, a gigantic spoiler, 20-inch rims made by Forgiato and a few stickers, including one where it says: « imagine what it would be like if all people lived in peace ». There’s no ground clearance here either, but at least the tuner points out there’s air suspension to lift the car.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta « La Revoluzione »

Mansory La Revoluzione

In an article devoted to the strangest preparations, could Mansory be missing? The answer is obviously no, especially when you know that one of his most extravagant preparations concerns a Ferrari.

Presented at the 2013 edition of the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Ferrari « La Revoluzione » is based on an F12 and has a body entirely made of carbon fiber painted red. The car stands out with numerous aerodynamic elements, as well as 22-inch rear and 21-inch front alloy wheels. The aesthetic result undoubtedly divides enthusiasts, but what is unanimous is its 6.3-liter V12 increased to 1,200 hp. The price ? 1.3 million euros.

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