5 great targets for the Warriors this summer

After a « beautiful » season where Stephen Curry proved to everyone that he was still at a very high level, the Warriors will have the ambition to return to the playoffs… For that it will be necessary to strengthen, and 5 potential recruits could do an excellent job in the Bay!

Rudy Gay – San Antonio Spurs

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The Warriors have been interested in Rudy Gay’s profile for many years, but it has always been too expensive for them. But after an average season in San Antonio, he could land for a veteran’s salary at the end of the race, and do some good service. In a role of substitute capable of creating his own shot and dismissing the game, there won’t be much better for this price!

Danny Green – Philadelphia Sixers

After a bubble, Danny Green responds with a career record!  NBA
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Next season, the Warriors intend to return to the playoffs if injuries spare them. And to look good, it will necessarily add a little experience in the workforce. With 3 titles won in 3 different franchises, Danny Green knows how to adapt and knows the road to the Finals! He would fill a Klay Thompson role with the second unit, which would inevitably be valuable to Steve Kerr.

Marcus Smart – Boston Celtics

Giannis misses in the clutch ... and Milwaukee loses entry!  NBA

After a conference final in the bubble, the Celtics clearly seemed at the end of the cycle this season, with a sad 7th place in the East and a probable early elimination against the Nets in the playoffs… So why not start from 0? If Danny Ainge decides to sell off his workforce and start a reconstruction, Marcus Smart could become a prime target! Its association with Draymond green would give a cold sweat to all NBA attacks!

Tyler Herro – Miami Heat

Young Miami Heat player Tyler Herro looks grim during NBA game
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Rarely has a player changed status so quickly… On top of the world after an exceptional playoff campaign in the bubble, Tyler Herro is now criticized by his own teammates ! So the Warriors could take the opportunity to recover it, especially if James Wiseman finds himself on the market … In a team of shooters, the rear could find sensations and open shots, and therefore make a name again!

Nicolas Batum – Los Angeles Clippers

Nicolas Batum brings out his best game ... but the Clippers lose!  NBA

To find out what the Warriors like and look for in Nicolas Batum’s profile, it is in this focus that it happens !

The Warriors will be spoiled for choice during the Free Agency, and the weapons needed to mount a major trade … Summer is shaping up to be hot in California!

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