400,000 retweets and 1.3 million likes: the tweet about the Warriors that could change everything!

The Warriors aren’t just an NBA franchise anymore, they’re a worldwide brand with a huge following. The proof, during the tour in Japan, the champions received huge support from more than 1.3 million likes, which could change the career of a young star!

A few years ago, when Monta Ellis and Andris Biedrins were carrying the franchise as best they could, it was quite difficult to imagine the global success that the Warriors would become over time. Yes, the team could boast of a rather prestigious past with the remarkable and remarkable passages of Paul Arizin, Wilt Chamberlain, Rick Barry or the mythical trio Run TMC, but the impact of these men was much less than that of this golden generation…

For nearly 10 years, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green reign over the league, with no less than 4 titles, well helped by a coach of the caliber of Steve Kerr and an owner who does not count his millions to maintain a competitive group over the seasons. Today, the Bay franchise is more than just an NBA team, it’s a brand that shines around the globe.

Jordan Poole All-Star thanks to BTS?

It is no coincidence that the Warriors were chosen by the league to play a gala match in Japan during the pre-season, since the Chief was at the top of jersey sales last season, proof of his influence. The champions are rockstars in the Land of the Rising Sun, and indeed throughout Asia, as illustrated by the many superstars who travel to see them. A reference in the music community showed them viral support on Twitter.

Suga, singer of the group BTS, is one of the biggest planetary stars in the world of music, you only have to see the scope of his tweet to realize it. And in a few months, this photo could have a crucial importance in the career of… Jordan Poole, who exceptionally lent his number for the occasion. Indeed, he could become All-Star thanks to this indirect, but important support.

For several years now, fan voting for the All-Star Game has been done in part on social media, and every retweet counts. If Suga decides to bring out this photo with the No. 3 during the selection period, with the hashtags « NBA All-Star » and « Jordan Poole », the young fullback could find himself catapult to the heights of the rankings and potentially find himself with the best players on the planet in February. If the benefits follow on the pitch, it’s a pretty serious possibility.

Suga could have chosen anything what a number for this collector’s jersey, but he decided to take the number 3, that of Jordan Poole. When we know the activity of K-Pop fans on social networks, this photo could well allow the rear to go to the All-Star Game!

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