40 inventions that could revolutionize our daily lives

Certainly, at the dawn of 2022, flying cars have still not democratized and we have not colonized distant galaxies. But enormous progress has nevertheless been made in many areas, allowing to facilitate our daily life. But some inventions are still little known to the general public today, or are for the moment only simple concepts just waiting to come to life. You can see this for yourself by heading to this subreddit, where people can share innovative designs and concepts. We have compiled 40 of them for you.

# 1 A smart glove that transcribes oral movements

# 2 windows serving as solar panels thanks to the addition of nanoparticles

# 3 a tool to draw straight without using a ruler

# 4 a funeral outfit made from mushrooms, to disappear faster when dead

# 5 a cloth integrated in its top, for the heads in the air

# 6 chairs for those who like to bend their legs

# 7 the famous KFC console, overpowering and able to act as an oven

# 8 a cap that indicates when it was last removed

# 9 biodegradable masks made from the fibers of abaca leaves

# 10 a classy and electric motorcycle

# 11 a device that automatically manages your vegetable garden

# 12 razer masks that filter the air and have a built-in microphone

# 13 a braille watch for the blind

# 14 a chess board whose pieces are controlled remotely on a computer

# 15 an (ultra) foldable ladder

# 16 an anti-covid protection inspired by death stranding

# 17 reflective cups that form a design a PERFECTLY placed

# 18 a pen that stands on its own thanks to magnetic force

# 19 a self-repairing rubber pavement in the rain

# 20 a niche that isolates noise

# 21 glasses that cut screens

# 22 a filter capable of transforming coca into water

# 23 non-slip shorts

# 24 a phone without a battery

# 25 an inflatable collar for naps

# 26 a tablet that allows you to represent computer models in 3D

# 27 a portable tomato dispenser

# 28 a battery-less clock, powered by kinetic energy

# 29 an umbrella compartment integrated in the door

# 30 a holographic face diffuser to counter face recognition from cameras

# 31 a mask that allows you to express your mood

# 32 a bike and a VR headset that ALLOW you to play sports at home while traveling

# 33 a natural foam mat, which grows thanks to the drops of water that you leave when you get out of the shower

# 34 a numeric keypad in an elevator, to choose your floor without having to touch a surface

# 35 slip-on shoes that can be put on without your hands

# 36 individual submarines

# 37 a prototype flying « car »

# 38 a smart shower that indicates the temperature thanks to its color

# 39 a lens that acts as a screen: welcome to Black Mirror

# 40 the famous fold-out smartphone

And if you still have time, discover the original photos of this artist who mixes fiction and reality. Less useful for our future, but damn successful!

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