4 tips for exercising on the cheap

How to do sport for not too much money? We let you discover it in this article.

You know it: exercising regularly is recommended for good health and being in good shape. But sometimes time is sorely lacking. And sometimes, it’s another problem that arises: money! Going to the gym is good, but it costs money every month… So if you want to exercise without spending much, there are some tips to take into account. And you will see that apart from a sports outfit and possibly some accessories, you will be able to do sessions without emptying your bank account. Find out more below in this article.

Go to public lands

It’s so obvious, but we don’t always think about it… In several municipalities, there are outdoor basketball or football pitches that are accessible free of charge. All you have to do is do a little research on the internet to find out if your city has one. Once that’s done, all you need is a ball to go do some sport, while having fun!

Use water bottles

If you want to build your arms a bit and you don’t have any weights, what could be easier than using water bottles? And for once, you have different sizes. A 2 liter bottle is equal to a weight of 2 kilos.

Run in a park

If team sports or bodybuilding aren’t your thing, there are other things to do… Don’t worry! You will have understood, jogging is not going to cost much! All you need is an outfit and a good pair of sneakers… If you have the possibility, you can therefore run in a park. It’s always very pleasant. And if not, you can run around town, being very careful, of course!

Watch coaching videos

You can also exercise at home. And to motivate you, you can find tons of free videos on the internet that are offered by coaches. All you have to do is take the course and give it your all! Also, it won’t cost you much…

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