4 teams including the hot Lakers on the Lillard record!

Already eliminated from the playoff race, Damian Lillard must now prepare for a rather hectic offseason. Rumors of a departure are already there, true or not. Stephen A. Smith took stock, mentioning 4 interested teams, including the Lakers.

Still monumental in these playoffs, with an All-Time record to conclude his big series in the first round against the Nuggets, Damian Lillard is already on vacation. Because despite his prowess, his teammates were not there. Denver, without Jamal Murray, managed to make the difference quite easily, even if several meetings were hung.

A huge disappointment in Oregon, with Lillard who did not hesitate to question the level of the roster. A simple and clear observation: this workforce can not hope for much for the moment, and improvement is necessary to take a step forward.

While waiting for the roster, it was the staff who took the first shot this Friday, with the confirmed departure of Terry Stotts. The front office should follow with several changes during the offseason, and we imagine that Lillard will have a say. According to Stephen A. Smith, however, a departure is always a possibility. He even mentions 4 franchises, including the Lakers …

The Blazers have received numerous calls. You have several teams – 6 or 7 – who think they can get it back, that they have a chance. We find the Knicks in there, who will have 75 million to spend on picks. But there are also the Clippers and the Heat. And who knows, the Lakers might have a go.

No surprise in the lot, with the Knicks and the Heat who are already on another leader. Both franchises want the same: an improvement to the lead, with an aging Goran Dragic on one side, and a calamitous Elfrid Payton on the other.

For the Clippers and Lakers, anything is possible. Will Dennis Schroder stay in Los Angeles? According to his latest statement, his choice is made. One thing is certain: franchises will call to find out about Lillard’s availability. If the latter wants to gain something in his bounty, it seems clear that it will not be in Oregon.

Damian Lillard and the Blazers may be the end of it, although it will all depend on the position of the point guard. The interested teams are already there, and they will be able to be generous in trying to recover the leader, even if it will be necessary to give up a big reward. To be continued.

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