37 points for Wembanyama who shines despite the loss for his first in the United States

The young French prodigy, with in particular 7 baskets from 3 points and 5 against, did not miss the opportunity to shine in front of the representatives of the NBA.

Victor Wembanyama, announced as the n°1 of the next NBA draft, impressed with 37 points scored during the defeat (122-115) in friendly of his team of the Metropolitans of Nanterre against the G-League Ignite, Friday in Henderson ( Nevada).

The 18-year-old Frenchman, author in particular of seven baskets behind the arc and five counterattacks, guided his teammates after the break: while Nanterre was 19 units behind, the Ile-de-France residents managed a striking comeback in the 3rd quarter -time, during which Wembanyama scored no less than 17 points.

He added 11 in the last, maintaining the suspense until the final minutes. Insufficient, however, to have the last word against the G-League Ignite, a selection of young people likely to also be part of the next draft, and supervised by veterans.

The meeting took place in front of more than 200 representatives of the North American League who came to scrutinize Victor Wembanyama and who were not disappointed with the trip.

A second round is scheduled for Thursday, to finish convincing observers that he knows how to assume his status, despite very high expectations.

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