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When the first stage of the Euro Hockey Tour, the Karjala Tournament, took place in November, it was learned that Swedish head coach Johan Garpenlöv would hand over the baton after this season. On the arrival of this Channel One Cup, the second stage of the EHT, we now know who will be his successor.

Some Swedes dreamed of it – without really believing it – Sam Hallam, a recognized technician and the originator of the advent of Växjö on the Swedish scene, will indeed take up the torch. But in the meantime, it is a serious problem that will arise for Garpenlöv (like the other coaches) as the Beijing Olympic tournament approaches: who to select? Except in cases of force majeure, it seemed certain that NHL players would finally find the Olympic Games. But the many cases of infection observed in the NHL in recent days could well change the situation. What puts everyone off is the protocol in force in China in case an athlete tests positive: up to five weeks of isolation! A measure that Connor McDavid notably described as “worrying”. The enthusiasm is no longer really there, as the selectable Mickael Backlund confided to the Swedish media, whose Calgary club is ill-off with seven players and three coaches included in the covid protocol.

But, as Garpenlöv points out, this concern is not unique to NHL players. The « Europeans », all designated to compensate for the defections of the stars, are just as worried. The Tre Kronor coach also expects a real headache when it comes to building an Olympic team, if the epidemic outbreak continues, especially with the Omicron variant as we continue to designate us as a future agitator. While the Beijing Olympics begin in just two months, it is still difficult to see clearly, and it is likely that many players competing this week during the Euro Hockey Tour will travel to China.

Given that Anders Lindbäck is a contact case in a Jokerit team also upset by the positive cases, Adam Reideborn finally joined the Swedish team… in Moscow, where he usually plays with CSKA (90.3% in 18 games and 4 shutouts this season). Moscow, which was also the scene of a first meeting on Wednesday: that of Russia, Sweden’s opponent on Thursday, who came to the end with difficulty the day before a very KHL team from Canada. A first victory therefore for the new head coach of Russia, Alexei Zhamnov.

ivan fedotovThe Russian team is however somewhat upset in these offensive lines for this match against Sweden, with in particular the arrival of Nikita Gusev who was spared on Wednesday. The other CSKA goalkeeper Ivan Fedotov (for the second time in 24 hours) and Magnus Hellberg (not Reideborn) start in front of goal.

These two ramparts will resist the opposing attempts for a long time, even if Emil Larsson and Sergei Plotnikov are sanctioned from the first minutes. The chances are finally clearer at equal strength, especially those of Chistyakov well helped by Gritsyuk, or Wedin who touches the crossbar.

Dominating during the first period, the Russians are more heckled during the second period. Dmytro Timashov, who is making his debut for the Swedish national team, is particularly dangerous on two occasions. A few minutes later, a highlight from the Lindberg – Johansson – Pettersson trio put the hosts in difficulty, but Fedotov remained focused, including in front of Strömwall after a lack of vigilance from his defense. Zhamnov’s men are not calm, and Rydahl and Timashov are not missing much to make the difference. 0-0 after 40 minutes.

After a convincing second period, the Swedes regained their colors… without scoring. Because Ivan Fedotov continues to keep his team in the match, intervening in front of Wedin, however well served by Olofsson. The Russians are only missing one goal… which comes in the 48th minute: Vladimir Tkachyov enters the offensive zone and relays with Nikita Gusev, the latter sends a diagonal to Vyacheslav Voinov, opposite post, who does it in several times to beat Hellberg.

Despite the large possession of the Swedes at the end of the match and the exit of Hellberg, Russia holds on to finally win another narrow victory in this Channel One Cup, despite the domination of the Tre Kronor who lacked success and an imperial Ivan Fedotov .

Players of the match: Magnus Hellberg for Sweden, Vyacheslav Voynov for Russia.

Post-match comments

Alexei Zhamnov (Russia coach): “The match was difficult yesterday, it was today. The Swedish team is different from the Canadian team, with a very good possession of the puck, we tried to close ranks. In such matches, you have to play correctly without the puck. And from a defensive point of view, it was much better today. »

Sweden – Russia 0-1 (0-0, 0-0, 0-1)
Thursday December 16, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. at the CSKA Arena in Moscow. 6726 spectators.
Refereeing by Maksim Sidorenko (BLR) and Roman Gofman (RUS) assisted by Dmitri Golyak (BLR) and Gleb Lazarev (RUS).
Penalties: Sweden 4′ (2′, 2′, 0′), Russia 2′ (0′, 2′, 0′).
Shots: Sweden 34 (10, 8, 16), Russia 26 (7, 9, 10).

Score evolution:
0-1 at 47’55: Voinov assisted by Gusev and Tkachyov


Oscar Lindberg – Linus Johansson (C) – Emil Pettersson
Gustav Rydahl – Jacob de la Rose (A) – Emil Larsson (2′)
Joakim Nygård – Pontus Holmberg – Malta Strömwall (-1)
Dmytro Timashov (-1) – Fredrik Olofsson (-1) – Anton Wedin

Lawrence Pilut (-1) – Jonathan Pudas (A, -1)
Adam Almquist (2′) – Lukas Bengtsson
Oscar Engsund – Linus Hultstrom

Guardian :
Magnus Hellberg [sorti à 57’44].

Substitute: Adam Reideborn (G). In the stands: Tim Heed (D), Isac Brännström (A).


Kirill Marchenko – Vadim Shipachyov (A) – Andrei Chibisov
Nikita Gusev (+1) – Ivan Morozov – Vladimir Tkachyov (+1)
Sergei Tolchinsky – Pavel Karnaukhov – Kirill Semyonov
Arseni Gritsyuk – Artyom Galimov – Sergei Plotnikov (A, 2′)
Arthur Kayumov (+1)

Nikita Nesterov – Semyon Chistyakov
Aleksandr Nikishin (+1) – Vyacheslav Voinov (+1)
Egor Yakovlev (C, 2′) – Aleksei Elesin
Damir Sharipzyanov

Guardian :
Ivan Fedotov

Substitute: Aleksandr Samonov (G). In the stands: Timur Bilyalov (L), Aleksei Marchenko, Artyom Minulin and Sergei Telegin (R), Daniil Vovchenko, Artyom Anisimov, Mikhail Grigorenko, Yegor Korshkov and Aleksandr Kadeikin.

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