2K22: Huge controversy over Russell Westbrook and Klay Thompson

NBA 2K22 has been in the hands of players for several days now, and the feedback is globally very positive. But if the gameplay pleases, the notes, they are still talking about them. For example, a big debate between Russell Westbrook and Klay Thompson made the buzz on social networks.

For several days now, basketball fans have been enjoying the new edition of NBA 2K. Whether on the old or the new generation of consoles, the feedback is for the moment excellent with a new found pleasure in gameplay. A finding that changes after several years of complaints from players around the world.

But one thing that is not changing, and probably never will, are the reviews of player ratings. This year, even LeBron James went there with his little comment about Kevin Durant. And on Twitter, journalist Ben Stinar raised another controversial point according to him and many followers: Klay Thompson has a better rating than Russell Westbrook after two years of injury.

Russell Westbrook is rated 86 in 2K22. He was shooting in a triple-double last season. Klay Thompson is rated 87 in 2K22. I love him, but he hasn’t played for 2 years!

Even for a while, the simple fact of running in a triple-double average would have been enough to make Russell Westbrook a serious candidate for the title of MVP … But after having trivialized this hallucinating statistical line, the new leader of the Lakers cannot even exceed 86 on 2K, unlike Klay Thompson and his two year absence! Obviously, in the comments, camps clashed.

I would never understand the hatred for Russell Westbrook.

When was the last time Westbrook led his team beyond the first round of the playoffs? Klay should be 86, but Russ isn’t that good. He just fills in the stats sheet.

Does Russell Westbrook deserve a better rating than Klay Thompson simply because he has played more in the past two seasons? Everyone will have their own opinion on the matter.

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