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The 2021 season, made up of 22 Grands Prix, is almost coming to an end and has gone by at a sustained pace, notably with two “back-to-back” (two weekends in a row) and three “triple-headers” (sequence three weekends). Sequences which put the staff of the stables to the test psychologically and physically.

Next year, 23 Grands Prix (a record for the top discipline) are scheduled on the calendar (which you will find at the bottom of this article). Even if some Grands Prix remain to be confirmed within the framework of approvals or depending on the health situation, we will still find several series of weekends next year.

On the strength of its success, F1 would consider seasons at 25 Grands Prix in the near future. An argument and a force for the discipline and its audience? Nothing is so certain if we are to believe the words of Franz Tost, director of AlphaTauri, and Frederic Vasseur, director of Alfa Romeo.

“First of all, it’s a good thing that we have 23 races next year. Formula 1 did a fantastic job, with Stefano [Domenicali] , and we should be happy about that. «  Franz Tost said in Qatar last weekend.

“This year everything worked out well. We are here in Doha and the guys are cool, the guys are motivated. At least they are at Scuderia AlphaTauri, I don’t know how it is in the other teams. People should be happy to be able to work in Formula 1 and take up this challenge ”

“If the calendar goes to 25 races, that’s another story. Because then you have to think about the rotation [des équipes] or whatever, but that makes it complicated. Generally speaking, I’m not a big fan of this high number of races because I think Formula 1 will lose the premium market a bit, if there is a race every weekend people will lose the interest and that’s what worries me the most, but not because of the workload, it’s just because people will be saturated with shopping.  »

For his part, Frederic Vasseur fully agrees with his counterpart from AlphaTauri, the Frenchman also estimating that he could settle a certain weariness with the fans with too many Grands Prix.

“I completely agree with Franz. I think we have to see this as a positive first, because it means F1 is doing well and the perception of F1 is improving.  » Vasseur said.

“I’ve been involved in car racing for 30 years now and I’ve always thought – I want to be there, I want to progress in Formula 1 -. You know, I think there are millions of people who would love to do Formula 1 and it’s a chance and we have to take it as such. « 

“Now I agree with Franz that we have to be careful that the fans don’t lose motivation, that’s important. But at the team level, I don’t think it’s going to be a big deal. «  Concludes French.

Mattia Binotto, the boss of the Ferrari team, had already stressed the sustained pace of this 2021 season some time ago, which could have justified some errors on the part of his team and which he blamed on fatigue ( more details in this article). More races in the name of the show? Less to favor the “exceptional and ephemeral” aspect of a Grand Prix? A balancing act to which the authorities will have to lend themselves in the coming years, with the risk – perhaps – of tiring the fans.

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