245 complaints filed after the Liverpool-Real Madrid final

According to Le Parisien, 245 complaints were filed after attacks on the sidelines of the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid at the Stade de France on May 28.

After the chaos, the investigation. And this is bearing fruit. A cell of a dozen police officers is working on the numerous attacks that punctuated the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid (0-1), on May 28 at the Stade de France. To the fiasco of the organization were added countless scenes of violence and theft. According to Le Parisien, 245 complaints were filed: 115 immediately after the incidents and an additional 130 by mail, as had been proposed to English and Spanish supporters.

Countless assaults

And this is beginning to bear fruit since a first file completed by this cell was to be judged in immediate appearance in Bobigny. The accused, an Ivorian in an irregular situation, requested an extension to be tried while being kept in detention. He is accused of assaulting Spanish fans and assaulting a police officer who was prescribed 21 days of ITT.

Since the events, the police have gone through all the video surveillance available despite the deletion of images from inside and around the stadium and those of the RATP. Despite this blunder committed in the confusion of the days following this controversial match, the investigators were able to analyze a very large amount of filmed data. They have just completed the study which left them taken aback on the quantity of attacks committed that evening. “We even noted facts of a particular gravity and which we had not yet been told”, even underlines, without further details, Éric Mathais, the prosecutor of Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis).

The profile of the elements sought is also clear: it is obviously not English or Spanish supporters. « Apart from being drunk, the English remained correct, explains a policeman present on the spot to the Parisian. We immediately understood that evening that the problem would not come from the supporters but from people from home who had come to make money. » He adds to keep this evening a « infected memory ». « It was chaos, he explains. We saw people being attacked and we had to wait for instructions to intervene. For a cop, it’s unbearable to live like that. »

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