24% of French people have given up practicing a sport for financial reasons, according to a survey

Illustrative image. Damien MEYER / AFP

A majority of French people have decided, however, to do more physical activity at the start of the school year, according to an Odoxa survey for Keneo and RTL.

After two back-to-school periods marked by the Covid and repeated confinements, a majority of French people (53%) have resolved to do more sport in this new school year, according to an Odoxa survey for Keneo and RTL. Among them, those under 35 (74%) and managers (78%) are the most likely to want to (re)enter sport.

In detail, the French are almost as likely to consider doing sport at home with online tutorials or coaches (27%) than in a club or association (25%). 15% of them plan to join a gym.

On the other hand, 24% of respondents indicate that they have given up practicing the sport that interests them because of inflation. Unsurprisingly, low incomes are overrepresented in this bracket (32%). Record inflation in recent months slowed in August to stand at 5.8% over one year in France, however, on consumer prices, it increased by 0.4% between July and August .

Daily sports sessions

The French are also 26% to have given up practicing a physical activity because of the nature of the sports infrastructures or the poor adaptation of the sport envisaged to their personal situation. Of these, 42% are disabled.

Finally, the survey indicates that 63% of parents want to enroll their child in a club. They are also a large majority (81%) to approve the daily 30 minutes of sport in primary school, one of Emmanuel Macron’s campaign proposals, implemented this year.

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