20th victory in 24 games, the Celtics want to feel the podium


Send the special Playoffs morning update, the forbidden point for tanks, the article that Kings fans have not read for more than fifteen years! Who makes the right deal, who shit in the glue, who should ask the right questions? We’ll give you a quick update on what’s going well, just one month away from the postseason!

The results of the night

The little explanation about tie-breakers

Good deal of the day – Hawks, Nets, Celtics and Pelicans: it feels good to talk about green teams, those who can respond  » Yes and you ? » when we ask them  » the form ? ». The Hawks are at four wins in their last five games and will absolutely not be a nice piece to stuff themselves in the play-in. In Brooklyn, the record is 37 wins for 34 defeats and, mine nothing, the Top 7 is not so far away. If we push the delirium a bit, it would be crazy for the Nets to top 6th place. The Celtics continue to make everyone understand that they are finally ready for the Playoffs, and the Pelicans are slowly securing their 10th place ahead of the Spurs.

Bad Trade of the Day – Bulls, Nuggets, Raptors and Grizzlies: in the East, the Bulls move away from the Top 4 while the Raptors lose contact with Cleveland. It would be great to get it back before April 16, just to avoid the play-in box. For the Grizzlies, it’s a tricky business with a setback that brings the Warriors closer to the little guys from Tennessee. And finishing 3rd does not offer the same privileges as a place of dolphin: between facing either the Jazz, or the Mavs, or the Nuggets, or a loser in the play-in, the choice is quickly made. And the Nuggets precisely, the defeat brings them closer to the play-in, which would be a big blow for Nikola Jokic, with XXL individual performances.

Next night’s posters

  • 10 p.m.: Wolves-Bucks
  • 0 a.m.: Hornets – Mavericks
  • 1 a.m.: Wizards-Lakers
  • 1h: Riders – Pistons

If the Playoffs started tonight:

  • Heat – Raptors, Nets, Hawks or Hornets
  • Bucks – Raptors or Nets
  • Sixers–Cavs
  • Celtics–Bulls

Play-in tournament: Raptors-Nets and Hawks-Hornets

  • Suns – Wolves, Clippers, Lakers or Pelicans
  • Grizzlies – Wolves or Clippers
  • Warriors–Nuggets
  • Jazz–Mavericks

Play-in tournament: Wolves – Clippers and Lakers – Pelicans


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