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Before the last matches of the European zone qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, Maxifoot takes stock of the new play-off system and the nations concerned.

2022 World Cup: the new dams, how

Will Italy go through the World Cup dams?

Forget the play-off system with home and away matches. To participate in the next 2022 World Cup, the European play-offs will now have to play a mini-tournament in order to win the last three tickets in the Europe zone for Qatar.

Twelve dam operators divided into three lanes

In total, twelve nations will participate in the play-offs: the ten second in the group and the two best group winners in the League of Nations who did not manage to finish in the first two places in these eliminations. These two teams will be Austria, last in Group F, and the Czech Republic or Wales, respectively 2nd and 3rd in Pool E and guaranteed to be jump-offs even by finishing third.

The twelve jump-offs will be divided into three routes in a draw to be held on November 26 in Zurich. Each route has two semi-finals which will be played on March 24, 2022 in a match (the six best runners-up will play at home), then the two winners will face each other in the final on March 29. The three victorious finalists will validate their qualification for the World Cup.

The new play-off system (Source: UEFA)

8 already known dams

Before the last qualifying matches to be played on Monday and Tuesday, eight play-offs are already known: Portugal, Sweden, Scotland, Russia, North Macedonia, Austria, the Czech Republic and Wales. The last four places are played between Italy and Switzerland (group C), ensured to finish in the first two places, England and Poland (group I), which are in the same case, Finland and Ukraine. (group D), and in a three-way clash between Turkey, Norway and the Netherlands (group G). Suffice to say that the next two evenings will not lack at stake.

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