2022 NHL Draft | Stéphane Leroux offers his list: Shane Wright at the top — 98.5 Montreal

On the eve of the 2022 NHL draft, journalist Stéphane Leroux produced his own list of the 32 best hopes for the RDS network.

In an interview with Mario Langlois on Tuesday evening, Leroux recalled that this is not a « mock draft » that targets players according to the probable intentions of the teams, but rather a list of the 32 best hopes in order according to him.

For the junior hockey specialist, there is still no debate. Shane Wright deserves to be the No. 1 pick in the draft.

The journalist points out that Logan Cooley, if he had been a little taller and physically mature, might have passed over Wright in his ranking.

However, he believes that Cooley should be selected before Slafkovsky.

We listen to it…

Ranking of Stéphane Leroux for the Sports Network

  1. Shane Wright, striker
  2. Logan Cooley, striker
  3. Juraj Slafkovsky, striker
  4. Cutter Gauthier, striker
  5. Joakim Kemell, striker
  6. Simon Nemec, defender
  7. Conor Geekie, striker
  8. Jonathan Lekkerimaki, striker
  9. David Jiricek, defender
  10. Matthew Savoie, striker
  11. Marco Kasper, striker
  12. Kevin Korchinski, defender
  13. Ivan Miroshnichenko, striker
  14. Noah Ostlund, striker
  15. Liam Ohgren, striker
  16. Frank Nazar, striker
  17. Jimmy Snuggerud, striker
  18. Danila Yurov, striker
  19. Denton Mateychuk, defender
  20. Pavel Mintyukov, defender
  21. Isaac Howard, striker
  22. Owen Pickering, defender
  23. Jiri Kulich, striker
  24. Filip Mesar, striker
  25. Brad Lambert, striker
  26. Ryan Chesley, defender
  27. Luca Del Bel Belluz, striker
  28. Nathan Gaucher, striker
  29. Rutger McGroarty, striker
  30. David Goyette, striker
  31. Lane Hutson, defender
  32. Tristan Luneau, defender

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