2022 NFL season | A first title for a team of great talent

The last two Super Bowls have been won by National Conference teams (the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020 and the Los Angeles Rams in 2021). Yet the American Conference is vastly superior as a whole.

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Miguel Bujold

Miguel Bujold
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The quality of the quarterbacks has a lot to do with it. Yes, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford play in the National (NFC). You can even add Dak Prescott and Kyler Murray, although they still have a lot to prove.

The list is considerably longer on the American side (AFC), and the best quarterbacks are generally younger: Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow, Josh Allen, Justin Herbert, Lamar Jackson, Russell Wilson, Derek Carr, Matt Ryan , Deshaun Watson (when he can play).


Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert

More than half of the AFC’s 16 teams have one of the listed quarterbacks and 5 of the other 7 have drafted one in the first round since 2020 (Mac Jones, Trevor Lawrence, Tua Tagovailoa, Zach Wilson and Kenny Pickett). That leaves the Tennessee Titans, who drafted rookie Malik Willis in the third round, and the Houston Texans, who have high hopes for Davis Mills, entering his second season.

The essential quarter

Football is much more than the quarterback, but the presence of a top player behind the center has become essential to win a Super Bowl for fifteen years. It’s virtually impossible to go all the way without a star quarterback, as the Baltimore Ravens did in 2000 or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2002, for example.

Mahomes and Burrow have already reached the Super Bowl and two other young American quarterbacks seem close to doing so: Allen and Herbert. Two players capable of dominating with their cannon arm or with their athletic qualities which allow them to gain a lot of yards on the ground despite their size of 6 ft 5 in (Allen) and 6 ft 6 in (Herbert).

Two quarterbacks who lead teams still chasing their first championship, too. The Chargers were slaughtered by Steve Young and the 49ers in their only Super Bowl appearance 28 years ago and the Bills are the only ones to reach the Finals four years in a row (1990-1993), but lost them all . We will always have sympathy for the supporters of this club…

I hesitated for a long time between the Bills and the Chargers. Buffalo and the Bills Mafia deserve a Lombardi Trophy more than anyone. But I leaned towards Herbert and the Chargers. There’s some serious talent on this team, my friends…

Derwin James recently became the highest paid safety in the league, which he deserved to be. Joey Bosa and newcomer Khalil Mack, the league’s most valuable defensive player in 2016, are both part of the top 10 NFL quarterback fighters. Since starting his career with the Patriots in 2018, JC Jackson has had more interceptions (25) than anyone.


Derwin James

On offense, Keenan Allen and Mike Williams form an imposing pair of wingers who are very difficult to contain. Running back Austin Ekeler is a pass and line poison and is in the top three or four. Then there’s Herbert, who was the most productive quarterback in history in his first two seasons.

In the case of the Chargers, the question is whether they can win the important games and if they are “physical” enough to do so. They have formed a team of finesse over the past few years, a qualifier that is rarely desirable in football…

The wind in the sails

The Chargers have gotten a few players, however, who should help them on the tough play front, including tackle Sebastian Joseph-Day, linebacker Kyle Van Noy and carry Sony Michel, who could be the right fit for Ekeler.

Brandon Staley was heavily criticized for some of his decisions in his first season. It should actually follow common sense rather than advanced stats in some situations. But on his second lap, this cancer survivor who is only 39 years old will take his place in the elite of the coaching.

The Chargers will not only emerge from the group of death, they who share their division with the Chiefs, the Raiders and the Broncos. They will prevail against the Bills in the final of the American, a match which will be in a way the Super Bowl before the Super Bowl.

On the other side ? It’s the Packers’ turn, right? Aaron Rodgers has been named MVP for the past two years and, on paper, the Wisconsin team is great. The Packers might have been my pick to win it all had they finally added a quality receiver. It’s true, two, because Davante Adams is no longer there… Hard to understand, Matt LaFleur and the Pack.

Wishing you all another wonderful football season, which is sure to keep us on our toes from start to finish as always.

Our annual predictions


Eastern Division

1- Buffalo Bills 13-4
2- New England Patriots 9-8
3- Miami Dolphins 8-9
4- New York Jets 5-12

North Division

1- Cincinnati Bengals 11-6
2- Pittsburgh Steelers 10-7*
3- Baltimore Ravens 9-8
4- Cleveland Browns 7-10

South Division

1- Indianapolis Colts 10-7
2- Tennessee Titans 8-9
3- Jacksonville Jaguars 5-12
4- Houston Texans 3-14

West Division

1-Los Angeles Chargers 13-4
2- Kansas City Chiefs 12-5*
3- Las Vegas Raiders 10-7*
4- Denver Broncos 8-9

* Participation in the playoffs


Eastern Division

1- Philadelphia Eagles 10-7
2- Dallas Cowboys 9-8
3- Washington Commanders 8-9
4- New York Giants 5-12

North Division

1- Green Bay Packers 11-6
2- Minnesota Vikings 10-7*
3- Detroit Lions 7-10
4- Chicago Bears 3-14

South Division

1- Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12-5
2- New Orleans Saints 10-7*
3- Carolina Panthers 6-11
4- Atlanta Falcons 4-13

West Division

1- Los Angeles Rams 11-6
2- San Francisco 49ers 10-7*
3- Arizona Cardinals 9-8
4- Seattle Seahawks 6-11

* Participation in the playoffs

American Conference Finals : Buffalo c. LA Chargers

National Conference Final : Green Bay c. Tampa Bay

super-bowl : LA Chargers v. Green Bay

Champions : LA Chargers

Individual honors

Most Outstanding Player : Josh Allen (Buffalo)

Best Offensive Player : Jonathan Taylor (Indianapolis)

Best Defensive Player : Joey Bosa (LA Chargers)

Rookie par excellence in attack : Breece Hall (NY Jets)

Rookie par excellence in defense : Aidan Hutchinson (Detroit)

Return of the year : JJ Watt (Arizona)

Head Coach of the Year : Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh)

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