2022 MLB Draft: Sons who could be better than dads

It’s well known. The « sports genetics » within a family are often very strong.

In all sports, we regularly see children of ex-players or ex-players achieve success among professionals and sometimes even surpass the exploits of dad or mom.

The best example: Ken Griffey Jr.

The best counterexample: Yan Stastny.

Of course, baseball has given us its share of sons of former stars of late. We need only think of Vladimir Guerrero Fils or Bo Bichette.

Again this year, three sons could be selected in the first round of the major league draft on July 17.

Drew Jones

Andruw Jones won 10 gold gloves. He was named to the all-star team on 5 occasions in his career.

Except that his son Druw, could well be better than him. An outfielder like his father, Druw is currently listed as the No. 1 top prospect by MLB Pipeline.

His defensive game is said to be the finest among eligible players in July. And at bat, he’s not bad either.

Jackson Holliday

Son of the excellent Matt Holliday, Jackson Holliday is ranked 4th among hopefuls for the 2022 auction.

In addition to having learned not to put his fingers in his mouth since this photo was taken, Jackson has become a solid shortstop player unlike dad who was a star outfielder.

Justin Crawford

This one makes us look old. Justin Crawford is the son of Carl Crawford (I thought he was still playing two years ago, but no!).

Like dad, Justin runs on a « medium time » as they say.

Justin hails from the same high school as power hitter Joey Gallo. He is one of the best athletes in the class of 2022.

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