2021 NHL Franchise Valuation Ranking (Forbes) – New York Rangers reach $2 billion

credit: New York Rangers

Like every year, Forbes publishes its ranking of the valuation of sports franchises. Yesterday, the American media was interested in the value of NHL teams for this 2021-2022 season.

For the first time, an NHL franchise reaches the symbolic mark of 2 billion dollars according to Forbes. This is the New York Rangers who occupy the first position for the 7th consecutive year.

By reaching 2 billion in value in 2021, the New York Rangers have recorded an increase of 21% compared to last year (+60% in 5 years according to Forbes). Belonging to MSG Sports, the New York team plays at Madison Square Garden.

This year, the podium is completed by two Canadian teams, the Toronto Maple Leafs ($1.8 billion) and the Montreal Canadiens ($1.6 billion).

For its 2021 ranking (see the list below), Forbes evaluate the average value of the 32 NHL franchises at $865 millionan increase of 32% compared to 2020. In last place in the ranking, we find the Arizona Coyotes with an estimated value of 400 million dollars.

A few days ago, the Pittsburgh Penguins franchise formalized a takeover proposal by Fenway Sports Group, which notably owns the Red Sox (MLB) and Liverpool (Premier League). According The Athletic, the transaction which must be approved by the NHL values ​​the franchise at $900 million. As specified Forbesthe value of the Penguins is 4.5 times the team’s estimated revenue for the current season (excluding playoffs).

Revenues on the rise

As a reminder, the NHL has just entered into a new cycle of TV rights in the USA with ESPN and Turner for an amount estimated at $625 million on average per season, against $300 million previously.

Forbes also explains the increase in the value of franchises by the quality of Arenas, either renovated like that of the new franchise in Seattle or new constructions like the UBS Arena of the New York Islanders. Venues that will allow teams to increase their turnover on match days.

On the sponsorship revenue side, the lights also seem to be green for the NHL. In this period of Covid-19, the league has authorized the introduction of helmet advertising and jersey sponsorship will arrive for the 2022-2023 season. A few weeks ago, Washington Capitals made history by being the first franchise to formalize the signing of a contract for its jerseys with Caesars Sportsbook.

For the 2025-2026 season, the NHL would thus expect revenues of $6 billion.an increase of 22% compared to 2019-2020 as reported Forbes.

Evolution of NHL revenue (Forbes)

Ranking of the most valuable NHL franchises according to Forbes in 2021 (in dollars)

1/ New York Rangers: $2 billion
2/ Toronto Maple Leafs: 1.8 billion
3/ Montreal Canadians: 1.6 billion
4/ Chicago Blackhawks: 1.4 billion
5/ Boston Bruins: 1.3 billion
6/ Philadelphia Flyers: 1.2 billion
7/ Edmonton Oilers: 1.1 billion
8/ Los Angeles Kings: 1.025 billion
9/ Detroit Red Wings: 990 million
10/ New York Islanders: 950 million
11/ Washington Capitals: 930 million
12/ Pittsburgh Penguins: 900 million
13/ Seattle Kraken: 875 million
14/ Vancouver Canucks: 825 million
15/ New Jersey Devils: 775 million
16/ Dallas Stars: 720 million
17/ Vegas Golden Knights: 710 million
18/ Calgary Flames: 680 million
19/ Minnesota Wild: 675 million
20/ Tampa Bay Lightning: 650 million
21/ St. Louis Blues: 640 million
22/ Colorado Avalanche: 630 million
23/ San Jose Sharks: 625 million
24/ Anaheim Ducks: 620 million
25/ Nashville Predators: 600 million
26/ Winnipeg Jets: 575 million
27/ Carolina Hurricanes: 550 million
28/ Ottawa Senators: 525 million
29/ Buffalo Sabers: 500 million
30/ Columbus Blue Jackets: 475 million
31/ Florida Panthers: 450 million
32: Arizona Coyotes: 400 million

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