2018 scandal set to affect NHL players soon


As you know, in 2018, a gang rape story involving eight Junior Team Canada players created a scandal. In fact, a veritable Pandora’s box has opened up on the country’s hockey federation.

An investigation has been launched and now its conclusions are about to be publicly revealed. And as you can imagine, it’s going to splash people.

At what point?

To the point where, according to Frank Seravalli, the NHL teams are in the process of preparing their respective alignments according to the conclusions which will be released shortly in the report.

As reported in the Journal de Montreal, the teams fully expect to see suspensions awarded to certain players, which may explain certain decisions.

After all, the investigation is on its last miles since it is over and all that remains is to unveil the conclusions of the investigation.

I believe we are nearing a conclusion and an announcement on the investigation into the Canadian team that competed at the 2018 Junior World Championships. – Frank Seravalli

You and I know that without the consequences, NHL teams would not move systematically. But there, with the threat of an alignment disturbed by the results of the investigation, it changes the situation.

That’s why it’s moving right now. Teams don’t want to be caught having to replace a player on short notice.

Note that at this time, Maxime Comtois and Cal Foote are two young players of this edition who have not received a qualifying offer and who have become free as air.

Is it a coincidence? I don’t know.

Jonah Gadjovich signed an AHL-only contract. We could have expected him to sign at least a two-part contract, but obviously that didn’t happen.

Also remember that Alex Formenton did not play in the NHL last year. He is not under contract at the moment either.

A lot of

– Nice little bet.

– He’s not the best player, let’s say.

– The new GM of the Sherbrooke Phoenix needed a new challenge. [BPM Sports]

– Excellent question.


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