2018 NFL Draft Files: Rashaad Penny – Running back

Extremely prolific in the NCAA, will he be able to transfer that to the NFL?

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Rashaad Penny – Running back – 22 – Senior – San Diego State

Cut : 1m80
Weight : 100kg
Estimated draft position: 2nd – 3rd round

2017 statistics: 13 games, 289 carries, 2248 yards, 23 touchdowns, 19 receptions, 135 yards, 2 touchdowns,

NFL Comparison: Javorius Allen (RB, Ravens)

After Donnel Pumphrey last year, San Diego State is still releasing an ultra-efficient running back. Rashaad Penny finished 2nd in the NCAA in rushing touchdowns (23) behind Florida Atlantic’s Devin Singletary and 1st in yards gained. Unlike Pumphrey, Rashaad Penny has the size needed to play in the NFL. He is an aggressive player who possesses an unfailing competitive spirit and is tough on evil who does not back down from his opponents, whether they are taller, heavier or more athletic than him.

Once the ball is in her hands, Penny has good acceleration, very good balance on her changes of direction and good top speed. Three fundamental things for a running back who wants to break into the next level. The former Aztec also has a foolproof mind that allows him to continue to produce big games despite passages of matches where his offensive line takes on water and causes him to lose yards. San Diego State almost always turned to him when it needed a first down, a touchdown or in the hot moments when the game was about to end. The former Aztecs running back is one of those players who does everything to never fall backwards, who keeps his leg active until the whistle even if it’s only to gain an extra half yard .

Rashaad Penny is good against all kinds of opposition. He manages most of the time to understand the intentions of his opponents and to prevent them from carrying out these intentions. In particular, he is very good at making defenders take bad angles and thus manages to break a good number of tackles. He also showed a few good things coming out of the backfield, but admittedly that was clearly not his role at San Diego State.

In pass protection, Penny has excellent technique and seems to have what it takes to succeed at this level in the NFL, except when it comes to recognizing blitzes and fending them off. On this point, he showed that he had difficulty. There, the work in the video room will take on even more importance in the NFL because if he manages to recognize the blitzes, his protection technique should do the rest. On the run, he showed interesting patience, but he also sometimes tended to go outside rather than stay between the linemen and gain 2-3 yards. Instead, he was losing yards, and in a league where the players are faster and more athletic, a 3rd & 4 is much easier to convert than a 3rd & 8. look for the big play to avoid putting his team in trouble because the other thing that Rashaad Penny will be able to improve is his ball security. He lost a few too many fumbles during his time at San Diego State and among the pros, a running back who fumbles is a running back who heats up the bench.

Strong points :
– Good vision of the game
– Excellent balance
– Good speed and acceleration
– Size sufficient for the NFL
– Password protection technique

Weak points :
– Too many smokes
– Sometimes tries to run outside

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