20 years later, what have they become? (5/6), Cipollini is still Super Mario

At 54, and after heart surgery, the 2002 world champion has lost none of his charisma and playboy silhouette.

JI am fine with my wrinkles! They are the result of my passion, hours, days, weeks, years of effort, suffering and concentration. I cycled in South Africa under 50 degrees, and I started training in -5°C. But the more time passes, the more my love for cycling continues to grow. »

Posted on his Facebook page (which has 300,000 followers) at the bottom of a tight photo of his still angular face, Mario Cipollini’s declaration of love for his discipline is also a self-portrait. At 54, the man who was once called the « Lion King » still sports his mane, this charisma and this physique that made him « the last great star of Italian cycling ». The judgment is by Nino Minoliti, one of the great writers of the daily The Gazzetta dello Sport.

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