20 names in play in the Summer of Jack

The seventh most read article was an overview of things to come.

Written on June 23 by our own Frank Seravalli, it dived into what was to come to the commercial market for the summer.

Of the 20 assets he listed, nine in total have been moved, and a few more are likely to come. Nonetheless, here’s a look at the top five listed players:

1. @Jack Eichel
Center, Buffalo Sabers
Age: 24 years old
Contract: 5 years at $ 10 million AAV remaining
Scoop: The marriage between the Sabers and their captain seems hopelessly broken. Both sides have been silent lately, but a disagreement over medical treatment that breaks out publicly is usually just the tip of the iceberg. Six weeks into the end of their season, the Sabers have yet to name a head coach – who could become Eichel’s fifth heading into his seventh season. The teams will need to be reassured about his neck injury, but the contract of this elite threat is nothing to worry about.

2. @Seth Jones
Right-back, Columbus Blue Jackets
Age: 26
Contract: 1 year at $ 5.4 million AAV remaining
Scoop: It’s not often that a Norris Trophy-winning defenseman hits the market at 26, but the Blue Jackets haven’t shied away from the fact that Jones has informed the team he won’t be re-signing not long term there. He will not play his contract at Columbus, unlike Artemi Panarin or Sergei Bobrovsky. Jones holds the cards, both with his 10-team no-trade clause and ability to signal (dis) interest in overtime, but several teams have quietly expressed legitimate concerns behind the scenes about his two seasons. consecutive decline in production. That, added to the need to pay Jones, makes Eichel the clear # 1 business goal.

3. @Evgeny Kuznetsov
Center, Washington Capitals
Age: 29
Contract: 4 years at AAV $ 7.8 million remaining

Scoop: Simply put, the Caps are tired of Kuznetsov’s antics. From one of the only NHL players to have tested positive for Covid-19 twice this season, to his four-year suspension from international hockey after testing positive for cocaine, now is the time for a change . Kuznetsov is unmistakably a talented player – see his Conn Smythe-worthy playoff run in 2018 – but inconsistent. His contract will be hard to move, but maybe less after the Caps pay his $ 5million signing bonus due in July.

4. @Conor Garland
Right Wing, Arizona Coyotes
Age: 25
Contract: RFA (eligible for arbitration)

Scoop: The Coyotes didn’t treat Garland like the player who made their team’s hearts beat. Garland’s camp, led by agent Peter Cooney, submitted two contract proposals (as requested by the club) on May 20 and there has been no communication or dialogue since. « We just want Conor to be paid with respect like the main player he was for the Coyotes, » Cooney told the Daily Faceoff on Tuesday. It looks like it’ll be somewhere else, which isn’t a real shock considering Arizona nearly moved Garland in the days leading up to the April trade deadline.

5. @Evander Kane
Right Wing, San José Sharks
Age: 29
Contract: 4 years at $ 7 million AAV remaining

Scoop: Doug Wilson navigates the rough waters of the Bay Area. Sources say significant friction built up between Kane and a number of his teammates last season, a frustration that was made clear to management in exit talks. The problem is, Kane has also just had the best season of his career: 32 goals and 40 assists in an 82-game season. He’s one of the best at his job with a relentless forward chess style – and he’s signed a contract to match that production. We will see where it goes.

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