2 stars speak out about Kyrie Irving!

After being talked about for his refusal to be vaccinated, Kyrie Irving makes finally speak for his talent after Game 1 of the series against Boston. Besides, two big stars were impressed and decided to speak out about something unfair about him.

Kyrie Irving was one of the biggest attractions of the regular season, and he is one of the biggest attractions of this first round of the playoffs. Indeed, after months and months of discussions about his vaccination status, the Nets point guard has returned to the shoes of a part-time player, an absolutely unique situation in history that did not fail to make people laugh. some and annoy others.

And a few weeks after being allowed to play all the games, Uncle Drew still finds himself at the heart of all the conversations during this first round of the playoffs against Boston, his former franchise. Celtics fans still can’t forgive him for leaving, and in the first meeting of the series, he returned the favor with insults and obscene gestures.

CJ McCollum and Damien Lillard support Kyrie Irving

But despite these few slippages, a sign of real exasperation at home, Kyrie Irving was simply extraordinary on this already legendary meeting, and he almost carried his people to victory, despite the little help offered by a Kevin Durant transparent. Like LeBron James, who was very complimentary towards his former teammateDamian Lillard and CJ McCollum protested his absence from the Top 75 in NBA history.

Nate Jones (players’ agent): In terms of talent, Kyrie Irving is one of the best players in history. He put in one of the biggest shots of all time, but other than that he only has 3 All-NBA selections in his career. How can he pass before players who have always been in these teams? Dwight Howard was 8 times All-NBA in his first 10 seasons and he was not in the Top 75.

CJ McCollum: My eyes tell me, trophies aside, there aren’t 75 players better than Kyrie Irving in history. That’s all.

In this message retweeted by Damian Lillard as a sign of approval, CJ McCollum explains that accolades are not always everything in the NBA, especially in a ranking as large as that of the 75 best players in history. Indeed, several stars of the 50′ or 60′ simply benefited from the extraordinary talent of a player like Bill Russell to make a name for themselves and earn a place in this prestigious list. But in terms of talent, the Nets point guard is far more deserving.

Kyrie Irving is not necessarily loved by fans, but all NBA stars are unanimous, he is one of the best players of all time. And if he continues the high level performances against the Celtics, it will be difficult to go against this observation.

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