2 marabouts in the Burkina Faso delegation

Foot – In the shadow of the Burkina Faso delegation, marabouts would help Kamou Malo’s troop thwart the plans of the Algerian team through a series of incantations. Incredible, absurd… But true! Find out more about this in the following lines.

Marabouts to save Burkina Faso in the face of its fear: Algeria! If footballers have benefited over the years from advances in science and technology to perfect their performance and recharge their batteries, some of them, mostly African, are not satisfied with it. Black magic and witchcraft, it is true that for ages this unflattering image has stuck to the skin of African football.

In the 21st century, ancestral practices and beliefs clearly still have their place on the continent. The opponents of the day of the reigning African champions prove it once again. The Burkinabés arrived yesterday afternoon in Algiers, coming from Marrakech as a whole. Wouldn’t we rather say: more than enough?

Among a delegation of twenty-four members, two faces aroused the curiosity of journalists present at Houari Boumediène airport. In addition to a few supporters, the Stallions would apparently also surround themselves with a small commission. This grouping together marabouts or wizards, call them whatever you like! This information that we are taking back, this November 16, 2021, appears in yesterday’s edition of The Fennec Gazette.

Algeria – Burkina Faso: when ritual practices, grigris, superstitions invade the Mustapha-Tchaker stadium in Blida!

The selection of Burkina Faso does not skimp on the means to increase its chances of reaching the play-offs of the qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup. It would use occult practices consulting marabouts who would distribute advice and amulets to it. For this match opposing the reigning African champions, she would bet big on what is akin, for her, the top of the top of maraboutism.

According to the same media source, the Stallions would prospect with two marabouts that they brought with them to Algeria. Both would have the mission of getting into possession of one, what they call, grigri, allowing Kamou Malo’s troop to surpass Riyad Mahrez and his partners. But that’s not all. Routines and superstitions are also at the rendezvous.

During their first training session in constant rain, Alain Traoré and company decided to change on the lawn of the Mustapha-Tchaker stadium in the absence of the locker room made available to them. That goes without saying. They are ready to do anything to win their fight against the EN, at least on a mystical level! Note that the kickoff of the duel between the two contenders for qualifying for the play-offs will be given this afternoon at 5:00 p.m.

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