2 franchises in pole for Donovan Mitchell if he leaves the Jazz!

At Jazz since the beginning of his career, Donovan Mitchell has dreamed of recovering his first title. A real ambition for the back, who could leave one day to achieve his goal. If such a scenario sees the light of day, two franchises would already be in pole position to recover it.

For years, the Jazz has never hidden its ambitions within the Western Conference: to fight for the title. The problem is obvious, since the competition is relatively strong with the Warriors, the Suns or the Lakers. The playoffs promise to be very complex, especially for a franchise like Utah.

As we said, this team has been yearning for the ring for a while. In the event of further disappointment, the front office could change its method. If Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert seem untouchable, the rest of the workforce could see big changes. However, for Spida, nothing is done yet.

Donovan Mitchell towards the start?

The rear has never hidden it: he wants a title, and hopes to win it in the city of Salt Lake City. In case of disappointments, one can wonder if the player is open to the idea of ​​leaving to join a bigger market (a rumor confirmed by a journalist). Greg Sylvander, close to the Heat, confirms that Spida is eyeing two teams.

If Donovan Mitchell were to request his departure from Utah, Miami would be his first choice, and New York further as preferred destinations according to a source.

For now, it should be remembered that Mitchell has not asked for his departure. Will he? No reason to think so, since the Jazz still have a card to play. However, if the results are disappointing, that will be a different story.

A rumor not so surprising, since the player confirmed that he grew up as a Heat fan, with Dwayne Wade as a model. Playing for Miami? It’s a possibility. For the Knicks, one can imagine playing in a big market is attractive, especially with Madison Square Garden. Except that for now, these scenarios are very far from happening.

Donovan Mitchell away from Jazz? It is quite possible in the more or less near future. Everything will depend on the performance of his team, who still hope to win a title in future years. In case of disappointment, expect a relatively turbulent summer.

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