19-year-old Bulls ‘veteran’ Patrick Williams | NBA

Elected in the second best five rookie last season, Patrick Williams confirmed in the summer league with a new nomination in the second five of the competition.

After shooting at 21 points, 10 rebounds and 3 assists, 44% at 3-points in 34 minutes, including a game at 30 points and 7 rebounds, the young Bulls winger (who is still only 19 years old and already an NBA season in the legs) met the expectations of his staff who wanted to make him more responsible for creation.

It was especially in this game against Spurs, with 18 of his 30 points that came in the second half, that Williams impressed. Known to be a reserved boy, on and off the pitch, Williams has assumed his new status as boss on this summer team, returning three decisive shots in a row in the final 91 seconds of the game.

Force your nature to shoot more

« I found it to be a very good example of his maturity », advance Damian Cotter, the coach of the Bulls in the summer league on NBC Sports. “He really carried us on his shoulders. We played on him several times at the low post and he played the systems late in the game. « 

So, there was also waste, with in particular a small 38% in shots overall (on a large volume, 19 shots per match) and almost 5 stray balls per match, but Williams bowed to requests with good will. specific to his trainers in Vegas.

“For me, the most important thing as a development coach is that young players’ get their backs. It’s not an expression you use [dans les médias] but it is about accepting to take risks and making decisions with confidence. You don’t have to do anything but you have to have confidence in yourself. This is how I was very satisfied with Pat. Because he didn’t play personally, he got his shots as part of our collective game and that’s what we needed. « 

For his part, the fleeting Florida State player also appreciated his experience in Nevada. While he recognizes that offensive aggressiveness and easy relaxation on shots is clearly not his forte, Williams has learned to force his nature.

“It shows the identity of this team, and how much they trust me. They keep telling me to shoot more. I don’t even know how many shots I took today, but I know it’s not really in my personality to be super aggressive and do that. It’s not my personality but that’s why I’m here, to add that to my game for the rest of my career. And honestly, I wanted the ball in the dying seconds. I am sure that [Dotson] wanted it too, like all the other guys on the pitch. We are all competitors. « 

Learn to become a leader

For the sake of his summer team, but even more for the Bulls next school year. Bulls who have changed this offseason with the arrivals of Lonzo Ball, DeMar DeRozan, Alex Caruso or Tony Bradley.

“What impressed me was his willingness to do whatever was asked of him. He was given several challenges and he tried to conscientiously fulfill them. Coach Donovan now has several ideas on how to use it. Our squad has changed a lot in recent weeks. [Williams] is aware that he has to play faster, play in transition, which he tried to do even though he had the ball in his hand. « 

His rookie teammate, Ayo Dosunmu, noted Williams’ efforts: “He’s a good leader. He is very compassionate. He gave a good speech to the team « , he adds. “Even when it comes to working on team cohesion, he always gives his opinion. Since I have been a leader for three years in Illinois, I know this is a great quality. You always want your teammates to understand that you are not playing tyrant. This is how they will give the best of themselves. And he did a good job. « 

With his false airs of young Kawhi Leonard, Patrick Williams continues to progress in his mechanics and his shooting gestures. Ultra powerful on the outside positions, the young Bull still has a lot of work to do but his progress, and his potential, have enough to make Chicago fans salivate after a rather positive offseason.

« He must continue to work on his physical condition and on his technique in general », concludes Coach Cotter. “He has already strengthened himself during the summer, he worked well on that. His decision-making will also progress as his confidence increases. He was able to try several new things, and he had to. Now he got a taste of what a leading player is. (…) Even if it was only in the summer league, he had more responsibilities and he took them on, which is very encouraging. « 

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