1100 horsepower for the Ferrari S90 signed Mansory, all in excess!

This series of photos is an opportunity to discover the modifications made by Mansory to the Ferrari SF90, its name: Mansory F9XX.

Once again, the German trainer does not do things by halves with the beautiful Italian. Indeed, whether by the Stradale and Spider versions, the Ferrari SF90 sees its power climb to 1100 horsepower for 980 Nm of torque. Thus motorized, it is now able to swallow the 0 to 100 km / h in just 2.4 seconds and to reach 355 km / h in top speed.

In addition to these few improvements, Mansory is also giving the Ferrari SF90 new 21 and 22-inch rims, as well as numerous forged carbon aerodynamic elements.

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