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residents of hen B, Colmar was the last team not to have recorded a single point since the start of the Division 2 season, as the return phase begins with this switch from the previous day. The Titans have still not won this weekend, but they will have had the merit of collecting their first point by receiving Annecy. Things got off to a bad start with two goals from Hugo Moncenix in the first half, but Paul Fillod kept the hosts in the game halfway through the match. By completing his hat-trick, Moncenix probably thought he had put his people to safety, but Colmar will find the resources to equalize through Enzo Labat then Théo Haffner in the last minute. The Knights will still win in overtime thanks to Julien Laplace, but they concede a point that keeps them in the second half of the table, in sixth place (3-4 ap).

In this part of the table where there are also Angers 2 and Clermont Ferrand, who faced off on Saturday. Pierre Trouvou opened the scoring for the Boars but Marius Magrangeas equalized before returning to the locker room. The Angevins will then take the lead through Axel Clée, then Jérémy Pelissou at the end of the game. Elliot Jones left his cage to create the surplus, but Ethan Gourbil took the opportunity to score in an empty cage. Louis Duval’s last goal was anecdotal, Clermont missed the opportunity to pass the AHCA, which took a four-point lead (4-2).

In the absence of Vaujany-Grenoble who will play their match in Roanne on December 22, Toulouse-Blagnac could take the provisional head of the hen, if successful at the scarecrow Valence. If Ugo Boccassini opened the scoring for Belugas, he then made a mistake allowing Alban Rodriguez to equalize in superiority. Danish center Kristian Kragh put the Lynx ahead and then Carl Mansson took the lead to two goals. Arthur Chauvet maintains his own but Valencia finished the second period strong with Dmitrii Dudkin and Jules Plenet. In the last ten minutes, Matéo Briancon seemed to put the Drôme definitively in the shelter, but the Toulousains tried an improbable comeback with Joakim Bergeron, Pierre Pampanay-Montmayeur and Bergeron again, but they will fail at one unit (6-5). Valencia, seventh, continues to blow hot and cold in this championship.

Bad operation for Toulouse second this morning but who could see the team in good shape Courchevel-Meribel-Pralognan pass them by this afternoon, if successful at Villard-de-Lans.

But who to take supremacy in this hen A of Division 2? Four teams are serious about it, and dominance in the game seems to be passing hand to hand.

There was no doubt that lately, this supremacy could be boasted on the side of Valenciennes, remaining on eight straight wins. But Paris had every intention of taking revenge for last weekend which saw the Northerners bring down the Flying French for the first time this season. And the revenge went through an opponent muzzled for a good part of the match, which saw Oleg Kuzmin open the scoring and Paris widen the gap in the second period with a double from Mans Papaux and a goal from Melker Gustavsson. Patrik Jääskeläinen finally unlocked the Red Devils counter at the start of T3, but Gustavsson again left Valenciennes to four goals. A double in twenty-seven from Jan Krepelka at the end of the game did not change the final result (5-3). Having lost the first day of the first leg, Valenciennes did it again for the first of the second leg, and allowed Paris to come back to four points… two games behind.

In the struggle to dominate this group, we should perhaps not forget Reims, more discreet but with convincing results. The Phoenixes were moving on the ice of the Red Lantern Amiens 2, and left the Samarians no chance despite ten minutes of respite at the start of the game. It was especially in the second act that the difference was made with six goals from Reims. In the end, three players from Champagne offered themselves a double (Brendan Martial, Mattéo Logeat-Bouhier and Artem Dmitrichev) and the ordeal continued for the young Gothics, already experiencing their fifth game without a goal, i.e. half of the games played (0- 8).

Buoyed by this success, Reims is now ahead of a team of Meudon in decline after a start to the season in the continuity of 2022-2023. If the Comets finally got out of it last week, the Roosters of Courbevoie took revenge on Saturday. Adrien Sebag had however put his team on the right track, but Courbevoie made a superb start to the middle third by scoring four goals, credited to Matthew Egan twice, William Prudent and Palmyre Ligue. The visitors did not give up and eventually equalized after goals from Phil Bushbacher, Albin Torstensson and Gautier Alvau in the last five minutes. The fate of this game will finally be decided on penalties, and the locals will take the best for a two-point victory, and a course that secures them more and more far from the holding zone that they know only too well. good (5-4 tab). Meudon is not off the hook (one point behind Paris and Reims, and five from Valenciennes), but still finds itself facing unexpected adversity.

In the middle of the table, Rouen 2 finally in working order received a team ofAmneville in trouble. CHAR got off to the best start thanks to Antoine Addamo and then Noa Goncalves Nivelais, but the Red Dogs turned things around after 40 minutes with goals from Thomas Le Chapelain, Logan Gutierrez and Patrik Barger. Without panicking despite the delay ten minutes from time, the Rouennais finally got away with the equalizer from Goncalves Nivelais, then the winning goal scored by Eliott De Mali (4-3). The Dragons start from afar after a catastrophic start to the season, but they now take sixth place against the Moselle who remain on seven defeats in a row.

The last game of the day between Wasquehal and Evry-Viry was about to start, but a hole in the ice finally forced the game to be postponed.

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(Illustration: Dominique Bonnefond)

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