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Cyrill Pasche, journalist from Sport-Center, looks back on Swiss hockey news in the offbeat column “Hockey Inside”.

(Hockey Inside is a column to be taken with a grain of salt. It does not necessarily, if at all, reflect the position of the editorial staff and the interpretation of its content is your sole opinion.)

(Hockey Inside is a column to be taken with a grain of salt. It does not necessarily, if at all, reflect the position of the editorial staff and the interpretation of its content is your sole opinion.)

As true as there are two kinds of hunters (the good and the bad hunter), there are also two kinds of Lions: the good Lions, and the bad Lions.

The friendly Lion dresses in blue, a rather calming and classy color. The evil Lion, he is dressed in red, an aggressive color, which also refers to the color of blood, a material he likes to spill and which also excites him even more (like sharks).

(I am also on the verge of going to buy myself a wicked Lion jersey to scare the kids in the street)

All week the kind and blameless Leo lectured us with condescending theories about respect, how to play hockey and how to behave at the table. The evil Leo, all ashamed, didn’t really know what to say to defend himself.

Me it saddens me because the bad lion is not as bad as what the good lion tells whoever wants to hear it (especially to the single judge).

Sometimes the evil Leo is just not very, very smart, that’s all.

Hockey Inside, episode 7, guaranteed “100% hockeypositif”: let’s go!

1. Eight suspension matches against Mark Barberio. A decision that does not shock anyone and that suits a lot of people. The ZSC Lions to begin with, whose multiple pressures exerted throughout the week have borne fruit (the single judge went against the recommendation of the PSO to increase the sanction to eight matches) and certainly the LHC too, which will have one less concern. these next few days without its cumbersome captain. Besides, you want to bet that the club will take advantage of the windfall to officially announce a change of captain in the coming days?

2. I had never before heard such a quiet visitor sector during a pre-match ceremony, especially on the occasion of a Biel-Bern derby. It was the evening of the ceremony for the withdrawal of number 12 worn for two decades by Mathieu Tschantré at HC Bienne. Suddenly I later met Marc Lüthi, CEO of CP Berne, and I said to him: “It’s unbelievable how your supporters (500 Bernese parked in the visitor sector) respected the ceremony: not a whistle, not a hostile song, nothing. You couldn’t even hear a fly fly ”. And there, he answers me: “Well yes, I was right in front of the kop, and I took the megaphone from them. Then I told them: I don’t want to hear a single noise.  »

3. Has Killian Mottet already become the Mottet before? If the FR Gottéron striker started the season on the same basis as the previous one, he unfortunately quickly stalled. Always dangerous, a sense of goal almost intact and still a gem of a shoot, of course, but much less impact in the game. In fact, Mottet is no longer « on fire » or on a mission as during the season spent at Huis closed and that’s a shame. Blame it on the return of noise and the public to the stadiums? It is indeed possible.

4. Surprisingly, the transfer of Michaël Hügli to the LHC was greeted with great detachment by the fans of HC Bienne. Heard here and there, and even read in the Bieler Tagblatt: (literally translated) “… Hand on the heart, who would refuse an annual salary of 500,000 francs? (…) ”It’s true after all, we would all do the same at this price, or?

5. It’s crazy how pure mountain air can change a man. Take Jan Alston, for example. The former sports director of the LHC is more relaxed, smiling and welcoming than ever since taking up residence in Davos.

(After that, for sure, the fact that his team is installed at the front of the standings must certainly have a calming and relaxing effect.)

A colleague told me the other day in Davos: « Alston, is he doing us a seduction operation? » To which I replied: « Nah, he just has to be super quiet here. »

6. This photo fascinates me. Put it in Le Louvres!

Claudio Thoma / freshfocus

7. It cannot be invented, but the best defender of HC Ajoie currently is a… 35-year-old striker. Yes, Mathias Joggi, known as the “colossus of Meinisberg” (a village located 2 km from Safnern well known for its “Wonder of Safnern” Janis Moser), does the job in the Jura rearguard. After we get along it’s not Lukas Frick or Beat Forster either, eh.

8. As he explained in various Bernese media, Andrew Ebbett, sporting director of the SCB, had clearly identified the kind of foreign player that CP Berne would need for next season: a right-hander at all costs, a man capable of playing in the center and on the wing, a scorer and at the same time a maker of game, and above all capable of bringing emotions to the stands and the locker room. And bingo, guess what, the SCB has managed to find a player who corresponds in every way to the robot portrait previously established by Andrew Ebbett: Chris DiDomenico! Sometimes the Sportchef job doesn’t seem super complicated anyway.

9. Just as HC Ajoie thought at the Jurassian of the ZSC Lions Marco Pedretti. So that one really I wouldn’t have seen it coming.

10. Jan Cadieux, new coach of Genève-Servette, reminds me of someone, but I really couldn’t tell who …

Jan Cadieux, now with a few extra beads.

Jan Cadieux, now with a few extra beads.

Michela Locatelli / freshfocus

11. The Lausanne HC should all the same surf on its reputation as a brigand team, like the Carolina Hurricanes did in NHL by taking over “Bunch of Jerks” (Bunch of assholes, or something like that) on their own. Any press good press say the North Americans. There would be plenty of marketing tricks to do around there: the Barberio baton, the “Mir sind Lausanne” T-shirt and the “ALL EQUAL?” Hoodie, and why not, hey, an SM evening at the Vaudoise arena precisely on December 10th for the arrival of the « ZSC ». Etc., etc.

Another nasty charge from Lausanne.  What if the people of Zurich were right?

Another nasty charge from Lausanne. What if the people of Zurich were right?

Claudio Thoma / freshfocus

There you go, that’s all. A wonderful weekend to your favorite team, from the bottom of my heart. Truly.

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