10 years ago, Henri Pescarolo entrusted us with the wheel of the Pescarolo 01 on the Le Mans Circuit

Ah, the performance equivalents between gasoline and diesel engines! For some time now, I have had a strange relationship with Henri Pescarolo on this subject, a sort of bickering devoid of resentment, but where each one camps savagely in his positions. The arguments of one enter into confrontation with those of the other, and vice versa. With, I sometimes admit, an adorable dose of bad faith. It has also become a source of mutual teasing. Without sycophancy, I can say that I admire this great gentleman with the will of steel, but with a tender heart. During the 2011 24 Hours of Le Mans Test Day, Henri made me a promise: to try out his prototype, his unique piece, at the end of the season. At that moment, any brain that sees such an offer being made is lost between indescribable joy and immense distress. It’s not every day that we are entrusted by Henri Pescarolo in person, the controls of a machine capable of traveling at more than 300 km / h!

A discussion initiated with Henri Pescarolo is an exciting moment, devoid of blanks as the subjects are so diverse, varied and above all instructive. © Bernard Asset

Days, weeks, months pass. Nothing. No more sound, no more images, until that providential phone call: « I promised you, so if you still want to rub shoulders with a prototype gasoline and see what it does in relation to overpowered diesels that you have already tried (Peugeot 908 HDi FAP, Ah n ° 1785, Audi R15 plus, Ah n ° 1806 and Audi R18 TDI, Ah n ° 1826), then the offer still stands! « . The voice faltering, I think I stammered a response of a silliness worthy of a molting teenager. Rendezvous is therefore taken for the following week, on the Bugatti circuit at Le Mans …

Ambivalent equivalences

It was freezing cold this Friday morning when I discovered the Pescarolo 01 in its box. On the track, sublime GTs give their voice as part of the Tinseau Tests Days, an experience offered exclusively on the circuit where sports car owners can come and exploit the potential of their car without being afraid, and benefit from the expert advice of many monitors. By welcoming us willingly on this day, Christophe Tinseau, a Pescarolo rider incidentally, made this test possible. It should also be noted that Michelin, concerned about the smooth running of this session, sent two technicians and several sets of tires. Thanks to them !

A good installation in the cockpit of a prototype is always of the utmost importance. The final advice is given, from left to right, by Claude Galopin, Christophe Tinseau and Henri Pescarolo. © Bernar

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