10 signings that can change the NBA

The 2021 free agency will begin on August 1 in the NBA. Casually, it happens quickly, just after these very beautiful finals! We tried to put together 10 « marriages » that would be good for both parties, the player and the franchise, and that we would ultimately like to see happen.

Chris Paul at the Los Angeles Lakers

What are the chances that LeBron James is already trying to convince his friend Chris Paul to join him in LA? Or rather, the real relevant question, what are the chances that the leader will accept the challenge? Finals can quickly get addicting. Even more so when they leave a sick competitor unsatisfied. CP3 took years to get a taste of the event. The temptation to do everything to erase this painful memory is likely to be very strong this summer.

Is the Suns’ record really more attractive than that of the Lakers for next season? Which of the two teams is more likely to lead him to the Grail? The one with LeBron James and Anthony Davis or the one with Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton? Luckily for the Arizona franchise, it’s not that simple. Paul forged links with a group, a framework. Phoenix will likely remain the number one option.

A favorite and two outsiders, what future for Chris Paul?

Paul would form an impressive « Big Three » in Los Angeles. He would be the point guard that James never played with. A real manager capable of taking over from the King and letting him take on less responsibility for creation. LBJ is said to be the superstar with whom CP3 has never been associated. A player even stronger than him. With AD as a bonus, it would result in a terrifying armada ready to reclaim the league.

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