10 of the dumbest injuries in history

Last week, when I came across a tweet from Elvis Roquand, the author of the books on the 150 cult NBA jerseys and the 50 NBA stars 2022, we wanted to dive into the history of the craziest, fishiest, stupid and improbable injuries of all time in the NBA . Here is a non-exhaustive list of situations and stories that are worth seeing.

Jim Barnes, thrown by an airplane engine

Nicknamed « Bad News », like his namesake Marvin but because he brought bad news to the opposing team (whereas for Marvin it was usually for himself and his teammates…), Jim Barnes could claim at the palme d’or of this list.

Then player of the Boston Celtics under the orders of Red Auerbach in 1969 (with which he will be champion that year) the interior missed a match because… of the breath of a plane. While the Celtics were at the airport changing aircraft in Chicago to fly to Phoenix, Barnes was not careful enough and was ejected more than 15 meters by a plane that was starting not far from the one. of the Celtics.

« I was walking towards the terminal with Tom Sanders and Rich Johnson when a plane took off next to it. The plane turned and I found myself in the path of the engine blast. I flew into the air. I tried to fall, but the pressure was so enormous that I stayed in the air. I finally ended up in a grid 15 meters away, » he told the Boston Globe at the time.

Result: hearing loss in one ear for three hours, whiplash (fortunately not serious) and a small concussion that will prevent him from playing the evening game.

Ledell Eackles and the Roman Candle

In the early 90s, Washington guard Ledell Eackles took the wrath of Wes Unseld (the current Wizards coach’s father) for making a big mistake on New Year’s Eve. . With the Bullets already hit by a hecatomb of injuries, Eackles thought it would be a good idea to light a Roman candle (see below), a pyrotechnic device recommended for use outdoors, in his living room.

Result: a start of fire and some burns which forced Eackles to miss the next training session. Comment from the late Wes Unseld:

« It was illegal, dangerous and totally stupid. »


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