10 million likes: the viral photo of Kendall Jenner for Christmas!


Suns Devin Booker all smiles with his girlfriend Kendall Jenner

NBA (DR) / @kendalljenner

Devin Booker being taken by the encounter facing the Warriors, his compAgnes Kendall Jenner had to spend this day of celebration alone, or at least without the man of his life. She did not let herself cut down, since she posted one of the most viral photos of the end of the year.

The Kardashian / Jenner family is historically linked to the NBA. Indeed, many girls in the family have entered into a relationship, or even married players. We remember for example Kim Kardashian and her express marriage of only 72 days with Kris Humphries! We can also evoke Khloe, in a relationship successively with Lamar Odom and Tristan Thompson, who is unfortunately not the most faithful father in the world …

But the one who has the most beautiful hunting roster in the league is undoubtedly Kendall Jenner, who could be at the head of a playoff team if all his conquests played together. By Angelo Russell, Ben simmons, Blake Griffin… It’s a lot of people and a lot of talent. It is now firmly established with Devin Booker, leader of one of the best teams in the whole league!

Kendall Jenner’s Dream Christmas Without Devin Booker

But who says great player and great team, necessarily says match on Christmas Day. The Suns were up against the Warriors, and the Phoenix rear was obviously there. Therefore, Kendall Jenner had to spend this day without her partner, which did not prevent her from posting one of the most viral photos of the end of the year. Chez elle Christmas is not done with one, but two trees.

With 10.5 million likes on the photo, Kendall Jenner visibly brightened up Christmas for a good number of Internet users. It must be said that her sublime dress and her sublime trees must have made more than one person dream… DBook would no doubt have preferred to be there than in the field, he who was in great difficulty against the Warriors with 13 small points at 26% shooting … He was also up after the meeting.

Kendall Jenner is going to have to get used to, Devin Booker should often be taken on Christmas days. Dating an NBA player has many advantages, but also this disadvantage of the crowded schedule. December 25 is not a day of celebration for them, but a player of shock.


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