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“Derby: they are dying… Finish them off!”… By unfurling this banner ahead of the 124th Derby, the Lyon 1950 group maintained the rivalry with the Saint-Etienne residents. A good war. Since then, ASSE has fallen to Ligue 2 and not sure that everyone is delighted with this relegation on the Lyon side…

The vice-president of the Canuts de l’OL, a group of supporters massed in the South bend, testified to his attachment to the Derby on the 20 Minutes site a few months ago:

“Like any OL supporter, as soon as the season calendar falls, I watch the two dates of the derby, well before the matches against PSG or OM, indicates Thierry Greco, vice-president of the Canuts de OL, located in the south corner. It would therefore piss me off to see the Stéphanois in Ligue 2 because I want this regional supremacy that we keep for six months, on condition of winning in the direct confrontation on the field. I have family in Sainté, and work colleagues who are fans of the Greens, and I am all for our chambers with them. No, really, I would miss our best friends. »

Others, on the other hand, maintain their visceral hatred for ASSE and assume to revel in the misfortune of the people of Saint-Etienne:

« When I see how no defeat makes me as sad and angry as against ASSE, it would even suit me very well for this club to file for bankruptcy and disappear in DH. I don’t like the Stéphanois, and for me, the derby, it goes beyond the chamber. So I can’t wish them something positive like a maintenance. But maybe I’ll end up regretting the absence of the derby if there isn’t. more in our next five seasons. »

Tolisso: « I hope they come back to Ligue 1! »

Corentin TOLISSO of Lyon during the Press Conference of Lyon on July 1, 2022 in Lyon, France. (Photo by Romain Biard/Icon Sport)

A testimony that matches that of another regular at Groupama Stadium:

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« Their recovery in L1 had allowed us to take even more pleasure in our titles. I especially remember the 4-0 to be champions at Gerland [en avril 2006], where we see the players tumbling with their faces painted in red and blue. In fact, we hate them but we like to hate them. So in a way, I would take pleasure in seeing them slowly die in Ligue 2, but on the other hand, I tell myself that we don’t have many emotions in a season anymore. So if in addition we find ourselves without a derby…”

Since then, the Greens have sunk into Ligue 2 and the hope of seeing a Derby again hangs only on a confrontation in the Coupe de France. If the best enemies of ASSE were pleased a few months ago to push the Greens, on the side of the Lyon players, the disappointment is palpable, especially for those trained in the Rhône. Corentin Tolisso, back at OL, testified two days ago to this void linked to the relegation of ASSE:

« There won’t be a derby next season, it saddens me in the sense that it’s still a spectacle, football, that the fans are looking forward to it from the start of the season. I’ve played it a lot since I was little, these are really special matches. I think that for the beauty of football and for Olympique Lyonnais, for the fans, it’s good to have a big derby like that in the championship I hope they will come back to Ligue 1 very soon so that we can have good derbies, good matches. »

It’s up to Batlles’ men to quickly move up to Ligue 1… Unless OL in turn sink into Ligue 2… Unlikely.


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