🇪🇸 Who is Fabián Ruiz, the Spanish midfielder announced at PSG? – Football break

Fabian Ruiz, the midfielder of Naples, is announced very close to PSG who would hold with the Spaniard one more rookie for his midfielder. Renato Sanches and Vitinha weren’t enough and the reconstruction of the Parisian midfield looks extremely ambitious, but is Fabian Ruiz the right player for this?

With exceptional technical qualities, Ruiz will certainly win hearts by stringing together impressive passes. He undeniably has the necessary footballing background to succeed in making a place for himself in the middle of PSG, something that all his predecessors did not necessarily have in previous seasons.

However, it is not a foregone conclusion for the 26-year-old midfielder. Fabian Ruiz is not necessarily the profile that was most anticipated and with Verratti, Renato and Vitinha in the legs, the competition for the place in the double pivot is likely to be tough. So Fabian Ruiz, big blow for Paris?

00:00 Introduction
01:10 Fabian Ruiz at PSG, the latest news
02:55 Fabian Ruiz’s little presentation sheet
04:41 Profile and great qualities of Fabian Ruiz
10:40 … but flaws too!
16:53 What role at PSG?
20:35 Fabian Ruiz, a good recruit for Paris?

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