Dani Alves is a Brazilian footballer born on April 16, 1980 in São Paulo.

He has been playing as a central defender at Paris Saint-Germain since July 2013.

He trained at club Cruzeiro and won the Under-20 World Cup in 2003.

Dani Alves, the incredible Brazilian talent

Dani Alves is a Brazilian international footballer who plays as a right-back at FC Barcelona.

He has been playing in the club since 2004.

He is 1.86m tall and weighs 85kg.

He was born on April 18, 1980 in São Paulo. Dani Alves began his professional career in 1996, at the age of 17, under the colors of Internacional de Porto Alegre (Brazil). In 1995, he signed his first professional contract with Internacional. This video illustrates the daily life of a goalkeeper in Brazil and provides insight into how professional footballers are treated by their respective clubs.

Dani Alves, a player and a leader

Dani Alves is one of the most talented players of his generation.

He made his debut with Brazilian club Santos before joining Manchester United’s academy. It was around this time that he met his current coach, Sir Alex Ferguson. In 2003, he became English champion with Man Utd and won the Champions League in 2008. Today, he has established himself as a leader in the Parisian locker room and is often compared to Thiago Silva or David Luiz.

Dani Alves, an exemplary professional

Dani Alves, an exemplary professional?

Dani Alves, a player with a big heart

It’s obvious that Dani Alves is one of the players with a big heart. Indeed, he does not hesitate to show himself with the children of the underprivileged neighborhoods of São Paulo.

The goal is to offer them love and tenderness. This attention for the weakest is a great proof of altruism and a great message for all those who have trouble getting by in life. Sometimes it can be believed that it will be difficult to be altruistic, as it can be seen as a form of hypocrisy or even quackery. But we must not forget that altruism is a natural feeling in man and that it can neither be created nor transformed by society. If you want to make people around you happy, you just have to do it without expecting anything in return.

It is not a question here of helping people who need your help, but rather of bringing your happiness to others!

Dani Alves and his career at FC Barcelona

After being trained at FC Barcelona, Dani Alves chose to join Paris Saint-Germain. It is indeed in Paris that the Brazilian defender will experience one of the greatest successes of his career.

He is now considered one of the best players in the world in his position and he is an integral part of the tactical system put in place by Carlo Ancelotti.

The Brazilian international also won a League Cup and a Champions Trophy with his new team. These successes allowed PSG to win an additional title in 2014, making the Parisian club the only French champion to have lifted three major titles in national competitions (Coupe de France, Coupe de la Ligue and Trophée des Champions) since the start of the season. arrival of Ancelotti on the Paris bench.

Dani Alves, an atypical player

The soccer player Dani Alves is a player who has gained international fame thanks to his speed and power, especially as a central defender. Indeed, the latter is considered one of the best central defenders in the world, because he is able to ensure the recovery and marking of opponent attackers.

He is therefore one of the players who have marked football in recent years. However, Dani Alves is not only recognized for his talent on the pitch, but also for his atypical personality and actions off the pitch.

The Brazil international showed great courage when he was sacked by his Spanish club FC Barcelona due to his disciplinary problems.

He did not let himself be defeated, however, and was able to bounce back quickly thanks to his innate sense of commerce. After working for several months to open a restaurant in Brazil, he finally achieved great success thanks to the quality of his home-cooked meals. This success now allows him to live comfortably at home in Brazil.

Dani Alves, a role model for young people

Dani Alves is a Brazilian footballer of Cape Verdean origin, born in São Paulo in 1980.

He is currently playing as a defensive midfielder at Paris Saint-Germain.

He began his professional career in 2002 in Brazil before joining Italy in 2004. In 2008, he joined the Spanish league and joined Sevilla FC until 2010.

He then signed for Juventus Turin where he notably won the Italian Cup in 2011, then returned to Juventude Sportive Toulon Var where he won the French Cup in 2013 and the French Futsal Football Championship the following year.

Dani Alves, a football legend

Dani Alves is a Brazilian footballer, born September 20, 1979 in Rio de Janeiro.

He has been playing as a right-back or left-back at Paris Saint-Germain since the summer of 2012.

He played for the American universities of Cal State Fullerton and North Carolina State University, before being drafted by FC Barcelona in 2000. In 2002, he won the Under-17 World Cup with the Brazilian national team and He then participated in several international youth competitions such as the 2003 UEFA Under-17 Cup and the 2004 Under-20 World Cup. Before his transfer to PSG, Dani Alves was a member of Brazil’s world champion squad in 2002.

In conclusion, Dani Alves is a talented football player. He scored a magnificent goal against Portugal in the 2014 World Cup. He had an extraordinary season with PSG this year. He is a very complete footballer who evolves on the whole front of the attack.


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