ᑕ❶ᑐ Breaking down Todd Boehly’s comments on an All-Star Game

Chelsea’s new American owner Todd Boehly was handed the keys to Stamford Bridge at the end of May but unsurprisingly waited just three months before floating the idea of ​​a Premier League All-Star game. In fact, Boehly has been increasingly vocal about the fact that the English top flight are learning a number of lessons from the way elite sports leagues are run in America.

Boehly under fire

As you can imagine, the backlash from Boehly’s comments was instantaneous and strong with many of the usual suspects leading the cries of outrage. Gary Neville tweeted soon after reiterating his call for a regulator to be installed to protect the values ​​of English football. On top of that, Neville went on to say that US Premer League investors « just don’t understand and think differently. »

Jurgen Klopp was the other high profile figure to take issue with Boehly’s remarks asking if the American wanted to « bring the Harlem Globetrotters too? » »

Klopp delivered this line while speaking to the media after a 2-1 win over Ajax in the Champions League. The German was understandably in good spirits after a late win, but he was clearly dismissive of the idea of ​​Boehly. Of course, the mandate of any incumbent manager in the Anfield hot seat is to vehemently oppose any change. It should be borne in mind, however, that for all of Klopp’s posturing towards an anti-establishment fan base, the German recently called for seismic changes to the FA Cup, the world’s oldest club competition, in due to the workload on its players due to the congested match roster.

We do not intend to recall here all the contradictory positions taken in recent years, but rather to recall that figures like Klopp have sometimes also called for changes to centuries-old practices. As alluded to, on this occasion Klopp’s calls for FA Cup reform were ultimately to reduce demand from his own group of players. Essentially, when we hear revolutionary ideas presented to the media like this, it corresponds to a certain position or program.

However, in Boehly’s mind, the English football pyramid would be the beneficiaries of an all-star game, as any money raised during it would be sent to leagues and teams that are excluded from the mouth-watering riches of the Premier League. On the face of it, it seems like a selfless gesture that would essentially transform the way the English pyramid is run by helping to prevent other clubs from going bankrupt. Boehly’s concept should, in theory, suit one of his biggest detractors, Gary Neville, who recently said he would die in a ditch to the soccer pyramid.

It is important to do business with open eyes when dealing with huge sums of money as Boehly says would be generated. In other words, without being cynical, you must also ask yourself, what does the owner of Chelsea have to gain?

What is the endgame for Boehly?

It is right for people to oppose it so that a transparent plan is provided to all relevant stakeholders. One encouraging aspect is that Boehly seems to be trying to answer any questions he receives as honestly as possible, and even said he couldn’t provide a ‘hard no’ when it came to the prospect of Chelsea joining a Super. European League under his ownership. .

This may set off alarm bells in some quarters, but given the secrecy surrounding this unfortunate idea, it’s refreshing to hear an owner not providing sound to appease the masses while working tirelessly behind the scenes to join the rebel league. That suggests Boehly is being as truthful as possible about an All-Star Game and the games that will benefit the most from it.

New change on the horizon for Chelsea

During this candid interview at the SALT conference in New York, Boehly also said he wants Chelsea to adopt a similar model. to Red Bull by owning a few feeder teams around the world so that the Blues have a place to send their young players to further their football education. With that in mind, it looks like Boehly is taking a long-term view at the club in order to bring the Premier League title back to Stamford Bridge.

As things stand, the Blues’ title race is all but over with the latest Betway Premier League betting odds, as of September 14, pricing Graham Potter’s men at 33/1 to win the Premier League. The leaderboard is currently making reading uncomfortable, and there’s a lot of work to be done for the new Potter boss. There is a chance that the official stats will read differently at the end of the season, but whether they do or not, Boehly has publicly stated that Potter will have time in the dugout to implement his ideas.

Once again, the American says the right thing and deserves to be listened to, or at least to have the time to back up his words with action.

The same logic applies to his idea of ​​an all-star game and anything he can throw in the Premier League. Yes, this league needs to be fiercely protected, but it also needs to grow and help those less fortunate, which is why Boehly’s comments aren’t as far-fetched as they are.

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